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Fun Free Cartoon Toy Gun with a BANG Flag

Bang Toy Gun, Blot Brickworks, Second Life, Free

Funny free cartoon toy gun with a BANG flag from Blot Brickworks (click on the food truck to get one). 

Funny Free Mesh MadPea Shooter Gun

MadPea Shooter, Arduenn Schwartzman, Second Life, Free

Funny free mesh MadPea Shooter gun from Arduenn Schwartzman at the Mieville Midway “Tell-Tale Heart” Gacha Event. Click on the box to get one.

Funny Screaming Goat Launcher – Winter Solstice Hunt

Winter Solstice Hunt Object, Second Life, FreeThe Winter Solstice Hunt runs from December 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.

Look for a flat prim with a picture of a red circle and a bird.


Kippy Gun Goat Launcher, QnC, Winter Solstice Hunt, Second Life, Free

Kippy Gun, a steampunk gun that launches hilarious screaming goats from QnC / Quaint and Curious / Kayle Flanagan. Thanks smile!
Hint: Hidden behind a Billy you will scream like a … when you find it.


Find more participating shops, slurls, and hints at the Nevermore Winter Solstice Hunt blog.

Funny Free Mesh Fish Slapper Weapon – Advent Gift

Fish Slapper, Abranimations Advent Gift, Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh Fish Slapper weapon with funny animations from the Abranimations 2013 Advent Calendar gift (click on the box numbered 20). Available until midnight December 20th, 2013

Giant Wearable Food, Fun Launchers – Closing Sale

Giant Donut, Toast, and Teacup, Fish and LOL Cat Launchers, Fire GOOD!!!, Second Life

Sadly one of my long time favorite shops Fire GOOD!!! / Ariel Wingtips is closing their store. :( They sell lots of fun attachments, silly launchers/guns, and other great stuff. Almost everything is on sale for L$25 and available until the sim is sold sometime in October. Thanks Marfita!

Pictured are some of the funny things you can buy: Giant wearable donut, buttered toast, and teacup vehicles that shoot food items, plus fish and LOL cat launchers with whimsical bullets.


Update: The inworld store is no longer available, but you can still buy some of the items on Marketplace.

Fun Free Cupcake Gun and Cupcake Trampoline

Cupcake Gun, Cupcake Trampoline, Spanki's Toy Store, Second Life, Free, Fun

Fun free cupcake gun and cupcake trampoline from Spanki’s Toy Store / Spankichu Barbecue group gift (free to join).

Funny Sheep Poop Blaster

Sheep Poop Blaster, A Folf in Sheep's Clothing, Second Life, Free

Funny Sheep Poop Blaster, a mesh lamb gun that shoots pellets with sounds for L$7 from A Folf in Sheep’s Clothing / Folf Fairport.

Fun Old Computer Monitor Thrower

Computer Monitor Launcher, Domina Barzane, Second Life, Free

Fun free old computer screen launcher with sounds, THE HAAAAAX from Domina Barzane.

You can find a copy in the Virtual Vagabonds group (L$1 to join, check past notices).

Funny Free Mesh Fish Thrower and Knife

Fish Thrower, Knife, *NYACHI*, Second Life, Free

Funny free mesh fish thrower and a knife with kicking animation from *NYACHI* / Nyachio Resident.

Free Balloon AV, Dandelion, Boombox and More – SL10B

Balloon Avatar, Dandelion Ride,  Mini Airplane, Ray Gun, Boombox, Cat, SL10B, Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh balloon animal dog tiny avatars in red and blue with AO from Orange Works. Thanks Tymmerie!

Fun free wearable giant dandelion seed attachment with floating animation from Inside Art. Thanks Kennylex!

Free SL10B WarBug airplane, a mini flyable airplane from The Black Forest. Thanks Naxos!

Fun free wearable ray gun that shoots lasers from Catboy Qunhua. Thanks Thinkerer!

Fun free wearable High Fidelity Boombox that plays ukulele, kazoo, or beatbox music when you walk, run, or fly from The First Church of Rosedale.

Free breedable kitten with 2 weeks of food from KittyCatS. Thanks Tymmerie!


Find more information about the SL10B community celebration event which runs from June 16th – 29th, 2013 at the SL10B Community Celebration website.

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