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Visit Mingle and Participate in the Event for Fun Free Gifts

Mingle Event, Holiday Appreciation Association, Second Life

Visit Mingle, a wonderful amusement park on the seashore with attractions to visit and explore which is a great new interactive place from the Holiday Appreciation Association.



Mingle Event HUD, Second Life, Free

The Mingle event runs from February 1st – 28th, 2014.

At the landing spot, receive and wear a HUD (shown left) then complete 20 tasks via messages from a cell phone. Some tasks require another another person, so bring a date/friend or be brave and ask stangers for help (fair warning: as a shy person it can be pretty awkward!!!).

After completing all of the tasks you will be able to visit a room with 23 free gifts. Some are shown below.


Art Box, Desk Clutter, Toy Animals, Balloons, Glasses, Chair, Mingle Event, Second Life, Free

Art Set with pencils, water paints, and chalk in a wood box from <:*BoOgErS*:>.
School desk clutter with notebooks, pencils, and a game of M.A.S.H. from floorplan.
Berceuse des Amoureux, a steampunk stuffed animal duck toy music box with music from [ContraptioN].
Romeo and Juliet Hedgehogs from +Half-Deer+.
Narwhals with “Let’s Mingle” tags from Intrigue Co.
Kissyphants, two kissing elephants from Pizza’s.
Wearable With my Heart, dog animal balloons from .Olive.
Beary Lurvin, stuffed animal toy bears in wearable and rezable versions from !Ohmai.
Lolita Sunglasses, heart shaped glasses in 5 different colors from Steffen Garcia.
Someone to Love Chair, a nice vintage Eames era arm chair with optional pillow from Scarlet Creative.
All items are mesh and 1 prim each except for the chair which is 3 prims.

Go to the landing spot and wear the HUD to get started:


Find more available gifts and pictures in the Flickr photo group and more information at The Holiday Appreciation Association plurk account.

Visit Burn2 Burning Man Event for Art and Free Gifts

Burn2, Burning Man, Krystali Rabeni, Second Life

Visit the Burn2 Burning Man event which runs from October 19th – 27th, 2013.
Main entrance Playa:

Pictured above is awesome the “We’re Living Someone Else’s Dream” art installation by Krystali Rabeni.



Air Balloon, Alien Buddy, Rideable Pig, Interactive Art, Phone Booth, Burn2, Burning Man, Second Life, Free

Steampunk flyable air balloon from Loki Eliot at the Sand Fairy exhibit.
From the sign: “Sit on a pillow, worship the stone! The more that worship the stone the more gift orbs the fairy will release with bigger and bigger gifts inside.”
Hint: To receive all 6 gifts, every pillow must be sat on. Catch the orbs that the sand fairy gives out. They are great and well worth it!

Wearable mesh Alien Buddy with hug pose from 4400. Thanks Loki!

Lollygagger Piggyback Ride, a fun rideable mesh pig on wheels from Firery Broome. Thanks kinnaird!

Interactive Matrix and Taking a Break art with animated poses from Inside Art / Ginger Lorakeet. Thanks Dexter!

Tardis phone booth Porta Potty from Toady Nakamura.

Plus many many more fun adventures and free gifts that you can find on the six sims. :)


Find more information and exhibit plots at the Burn2 website.

Visit SL10B A’stra Stage, Gift Hunt, Turtle AV – Grendel’s

A'stra Stage, Grendel's Children, SL10B, Second Life

Visit the amazing A’stra Stage sims which is built on a giant sea turtle with many fun things to see and explore from Grendel’s Children at the SL10B event, a celebration of Second Life’s 10th anniversary which runs from June 16th – 29th, 2013.


 Stone Crocodile, Sabertooth, and Goat Avatars, Turtle and Elephant Shoulder Pets, Noob Statue, Grendel's Children, SL10B, Second Life, Free

There is also a hunt on the sims where you can find special SL10B editions of crocodile, sabertooth, and goat statue avatars, turtle and elephant shoulder pets, and a stone noob statue. Thanks myrdin and Midori!
Hint: Look at the statues and for a hidden cave temple.


SL10B Sea Turtle Avatar, Grendel's Children, Second Life

You can also find a fantastic Sea Turtle 2.0 (Living Island Hatchling) Avatar which is like the SL10B A’stra Stage sims for sale for L$100 (the other avatars from the hunt are available for sale too) until July 1st, 2013 at the Grendel’s Children shop.


Visit The Behemoth, Free Mesh Avatars and More – SL10B

The Behemoth, Loki Eliot, SL10B

Visit the Behemoth, a wonderful build by Loki Eliot at the SL10B event, a celebration of Second Life’s 10th anniversary which runs from June 16th – 29th, 2013. Wear the HUD from the landing spot and experience a wonderful story.



Behemoth, Engineer Avatars, Robot Head, Dolls, Loki Eliot, SL10B, Second Life, Free

Also at the Behemoth you can find many free mesh gifts including eight Engineer Avatars, a wearable Robot Head, an Infant Behemoth and Bunny Toy stuffed animals, plus more from Loki Eliot.


Watch Draxtor Despres’ machinima video of the exhibit: Draxtor Destinations Episode 3: The Behemoth at SL10B


Find out more about the event at the SL10B Community Celebration website.

Visit a Funny Jail Mugshot Photo Booth

Mugshot Photo Booth, 19 Motorcycle, Second Life, Visit, Free

Visit a fun jail mugshot photo booth to take pictures with poses, a plaque that fills in your name, rez date, and you can select the police department city at 19 Motorcycle (face expression from the free AnyPose hud)

Visit Forgotten City Winter Park – Free Skis and Food

Forgotten City Winter Park Ski Jump, JD Mechanical Toy Factory, Second Life

Visit the Forgotten City, Winter Park Ski Jump for a fun skiing game and wonderful mountain scenery at JD Mechanical Toy Factory. Thanks Naxos!


Vintage Skis, Helmet, Sausage Plate, Bubble Gum, JD Mechanical Toy Factory, Second Life, Free

There is also a free mesh pair of vintage skis with poles and helmet, and at the bottom of the hill you can get a mesh plate of sausage, mustard, and bread with funny eating animation, and bubble gum with animated mouth, bubble blowing, and chewing gum sound.

Visit a Fun Roller Coaster Ride – The Cyclone

Cyclone Roller Coaster, SOHO New York, Second Life

Really fun Panland Cyclone Roller Coaster ride, a recreation of the wood roller coaster on Coney Island with great sounds and animations by followmeimthe Piedpiper at SOHO New York. Thanks DrFran!

Fun Halloween Trick-or-Treating at the Silent Sim

Halloween Trick-or-Treating, Silent sim, Second Life, Free

Trick or Treat Bucket, octagons Yazimoto, Second Life, Free

Halloween at the Silent sim is a fun little neighborhood to go door to door trick-or-treating with a free wearable trick-or-treat bucket with candy (look for it at the landing point), plus a haunted house all from Pizza / octagons Yazimoto.


Update: A really fun video of the sim by Natascha Randt.

Visit a Fun Pumpkin Patch at Chimeric Arts

Pumpkin Patch, Chimeric Arts, Second Life, Free

Carved Pumpkins, Chimeric Arts, Second Life, Free


Pick a free mesh pumpkin from the garden, rez it, and you can carve a face on it once per pumpkin with different eyes, nose, and mouth from Chimeric Arts. They’re really fun and cute, plus you can give them to your friends as Halloween gifts too! Thanks Punkerella!

Visit a 3D Recreation of M.C. Escher’s Relativity Artwork

M.C. Escher Relativity, TRP360, Second Life

Fun recreation of M.C. Escher’s Relativity drawing to explore with 20 different poses by TRP360/Freecilla Kuhn. Thanks Roland!

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