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Fun Free Eye Poser and Expressions HUD – Advent Gift

Eye Poser Hud, Abranimations Advent Gift, Second Life, Free

Fun Free Eye Poser HUD which allows many eye postions plus face expressions, great for taking pictures or funny avatars from Abranimations 2013 Advent Calendar gift (click on the box numbered 7). Available until midnight December 7th, 2013


Find a long list of available Advent Calendars at the Yer Mawm blog that is regularly updated:

Free Mesh Undeformer Tool

Mesh Undeformer, <UTILIZATOR>, Second Life, Free

Free mesh avatar undeformer tool from <UTILIZATOR>. It helps with recovering your usual avatar after wearing mesh avatars so you don’t have to relog to get back to normal. Read the note card for instructions.

A Tip About Mesh Viewers

 I just wanted to let you all know, if you need a recommendation for an SL viewer to see mesh, I would recommend trying the Cool VL Viewer.  You can find more information and download it here:

 The Cool VL Viewer uses the old 1.2 viewer style if you are more comfortable with that (like I am), plus it works really well. I tried two mesh enabled viewers before, one with a new viewer style which made me dizzy and seasick in under an hour, and another that had lots of bugs including many crashes and multiple problems with slurls.

 Hope that helps if you want to have fun with mesh too!

Free Eyes and Hands Controller, Expression Hud

Expression Hud, AnyPose, Second Life, Free

Free Expression hud with eye control and hand control plus emoter from AnyPose. The eyes and hands controls are great for taking photos. Thanks Naxos!

Lucky Board/Lucky Chair Letter Listener

Lucky Board Listener, Cat shop Miao, Second Life

Lucky board / lucky chair letter listener on the Cat shop Miao / Run Cheng lucky board. It’s a very handy tool for stalking lucky boards when you aren’t paying full attention. When it’s set up, it sounds an alarm when your letter is called.  The instructions are in Japanese, so you might need to translate the note card for directions.

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