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Funny Screaming Goat Launcher – Winter Solstice Hunt

Winter Solstice Hunt Object, Second Life, FreeThe Winter Solstice Hunt runs from December 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.

Look for a flat prim with a picture of a red circle and a bird.


Kippy Gun Goat Launcher, QnC, Winter Solstice Hunt, Second Life, Free

Kippy Gun, a steampunk gun that launches hilarious screaming goats from QnC / Quaint and Curious / Kayle Flanagan. Thanks smile!
Hint: Hidden behind a Billy you will scream like a … when you find it.


Find more participating shops, slurls, and hints at the Nevermore Winter Solstice Hunt blog.

Free Mesh Antique Gacha Machine

Gacha Engine Machine, Never Totally Dead..., Second Life, Free

Free Gacha Engine, a mesh antique gacha machine that you can add your own prizes to with options for rares from Never Totally Dead… group gift (free to join).

Nice Free Mesh Antique Military Hat

Play's Shako Hat, [ContraptioN], Second Life, Free

Free Play’s Shako, a nice mesh steampunk antique military hat from [ContraptioN] group gift (free to join).

Visit Burn2 Burning Man Event for Art and Free Gifts

Burn2, Burning Man, Krystali Rabeni, Second Life

Visit the Burn2 Burning Man event which runs from October 19th – 27th, 2013.
Main entrance Playa:

Pictured above is awesome the “We’re Living Someone Else’s Dream” art installation by Krystali Rabeni.



Air Balloon, Alien Buddy, Rideable Pig, Interactive Art, Phone Booth, Burn2, Burning Man, Second Life, Free

Steampunk flyable air balloon from Loki Eliot at the Sand Fairy exhibit.
From the sign: “Sit on a pillow, worship the stone! The more that worship the stone the more gift orbs the fairy will release with bigger and bigger gifts inside.”
Hint: To receive all 6 gifts, every pillow must be sat on. Catch the orbs that the sand fairy gives out. They are great and well worth it!

Wearable mesh Alien Buddy with hug pose from 4400. Thanks Loki!

Lollygagger Piggyback Ride, a fun rideable mesh pig on wheels from Firery Broome. Thanks kinnaird!

Interactive Matrix and Taking a Break art with animated poses from Inside Art / Ginger Lorakeet. Thanks Dexter!

Tardis phone booth Porta Potty from Toady Nakamura.

Plus many many more fun adventures and free gifts that you can find on the six sims. :)


Find more information and exhibit plots at the Burn2 website.

Orchestrion Music Box – [ContraptioN] Arcade Gacha

Orchestrion, [ContraptioN], Arcade Gacha, Second Life

The Orchestrion is a wonderful giant mesh automaton steampunk music box with animated instruments and mechanisms plus doors that open that is available in 8 different versions each with their own song for L$75 each from [ContraptioN] at The Arcade Gacha event which runs from September 1st – 30th, 2013.


You can find a rare version rezzed at the main shop so you can see the animated parts in action.


Find more participating shops and gacha prizes at The Arcade Shopping Guide.


If you have bad luck like I do and would like a specific color, I would recommend visiting yard sales. Here is a good list of gacha yard sales:

Antique Mesh Barber Chair – Sinister Steampunk Hunt 3

Sinister Steampunk Hunt 3 Item, Second Life, Free

The Sinister Steampunk Hunt 3 runs from August 1st – 31st, 2013.

Look for a one prim gear with a question mark (pictured left).


Antique Barber Chair, [noctis], Sinister Steampunk Hunt 3, Second Life, Free

Wonderful mesh antique barber chair, side table with shaving supplies, shaving mirror, and aged posters (plus items not shown: wearable cleaver, barbers drape and three additional versions of the chair) from [noctis].
Hint: The barber had a wife, and she was beautiful.


Find more participating shops, gifts, hints, and slurls at the Sinister Steampunk Hunt 3 blog.

Fun Air Balloon, Flying Turkey – Around The Grid Hunt

Around The Grid Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Around The Grid Hunt runs from July 27th – October 15th, 2013. Each item costs $L1.

Look for a sculpted compass (pictured left).



Hot Air Balloon, Gothic's Musing, Flying Turkey, United InshCon, Around The Grid Hunt, Second Life, Free

Neat flyable steampunk hot air balloon with desk, chair, and poses from * Gothic’s Musing *.
Hint:  Around the grid in comfort and style! (Teleport to the roof)
Tip: There are two identical hunt items at the same location, be sure to get the one that is not labeled for tinies unless you are one.

Funny mesh Flying Turkey airplane from United InshCon.
Hint: search the Stone Woman


Find more participating shops, hints, slurls, and gifts at the I & R’s Fun With Hunts blog.

Wearable Mosquito, Driving Goggles – Dark Katz Hunt 4

Dark Katz Hunt 4 Item, Second Life, Free

The Dark Katz Hunt 4 runs from July 1st – 31st, 2013.

Look for a sculpted cat head (pictured left).


Mosquito Bloodsucker, <!WorN?>, Driving Goggles, K_gs, Dark Katz Hunt 4, Second life, Free

Mosquito Bloodsucker, a funny giant mosquito attachment with two versions that have different animations, plus sound and a HUD controller from <!WorN?> / Weather! or not?
Hint: It’s all going down the tubes

Fledermaus, mesh driving goggles or steampunk glasses from K_gs / Kumaki Glasses Style.
Hint: The surroundings of water can be looked for.


Find more participating shops, hints, and slurls at the Dark Katz Hunt blog.

Furniture, House, Motorcycle, Dragon – Silk Road Hunt 4

Silk Road Hunt Item, Second Life, FreeThe Silk Road Hunt 4 runs from June 1st – 30th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted blue pagoda (pictured left).



Table, Chair, House, Horse, Sword, Silk Road Hunt, Second Life, Free

Steampunk Giro Motorcycle, L+N Signature Designs, Chinese Dragon Costume, ~SWAN~, Silk Road Hunt, Second Life, Free

Mesh Turkish coffee table with beverages and cushions with poses Pestique.
Hint: Read all about it

Vintage art deco arm chair, side table, and lamp from Park Place Home Decor.
Hint: I don’t know… I think that pagoda looks good on the red bookshelf

Furnished Asian tea house with koi statues from Cog & Grog.
Follow the hint note cards at the shop.

Wearable horse and Scimitar sword from MacMoragh and Muse. Thanks Rekka!
Hint: My Prizes number two, not one, your first prize lies with the mounted warriors and the second? Seek in the past  and present, Its no secret  both are more than worth the effort!

Steampunk Giro motorcycle from L+N Signature Designs. Thanks SL Hunt Pictures! 
Hint: Have a fun ride!

Chinese Dragon costume with animations and friend animation options from ~SWAN~. Thanks SL Hunt Pictures!
Hint: Well well well… what have we here?


Find more participating shops, slurls, and available gifts at the Historical Hunts blog.

Free Steampunk Vehicle and Funny Barrel – Advent Gifts

Steampunk Dragon, Barrel Seat, Advent Gifts, Second Life, Free

Fun driveable Steampunk Dragon with fun swoosh sounds and fireball shooter from the Drama Libre 10th Advent gift.

Don’t Sit Here Barrel with funny animations from the United InshCon 10th Advent gift.

Both are only available until midnight December 10th, 2012, so hurry!

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