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Fun Free Cartoon Toy Gun with a BANG Flag

Bang Toy Gun, Blot Brickworks, Second Life, Free

Funny free cartoon toy gun with a BANG flag from Blot Brickworks (click on the food truck to get one). 

Free Mesh Route 66 Road Sign

Route 66 Road Sign, Seven Emporium, Second Life, Free

Free mesh sculpted Route 66 road sign that’s only one prim from Seven Emporium group gift (free to join).


This is a “new to me” shop full of great vintage low prim mesh items that are reasonably priced. I’d highly recommend checking it out!

Toy Record Player, TV, and Deer – Inspiration Point Hunt

Inspiration Point Hunt Object, Second Life, FreeThe Inspiration Point Hunt runs from December 20th – 31st, 2013.

Look for a sculpted wooden tree (pictured left).


My First Record Player, My Musical TV Box, My Lil Fawn, The Secret Store, Inspiration Point Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun mesh retro and vintage toys: My First Record Player with an animated arm, record, and music, My Musical TV Box with animated screen and music, My Lil Fawn stuffed animals in brown and pink, all items come with holding poses too from The Secret Store / Maylee Oh. Thanks Tiana!


Find more available gifts and information on Flickr.

Fun Free Mesh Silly Straw Glasses – Advent Gift

Straw Glasses, :::Last Ride:::, Advent Gift, Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh silly Straw Glasses with a drink in three different versions including a mustache and big lips from :::Last Ride::: / Kagemaru McMahon Advent 2013 Calendar gift (click on the box numbered 21). Available until midnight December 21st, 2013.

Free Vintage Record Player Cabinet with Music

Vintage Record Player Cabinet, Cleo Design, The Challenge Mid-century Modern, Second Life, Free

Free Retro Musicbox, an Eames era vintage record player cabinet with doors that open displaying a turntable and records, plus 6 full songs (including 2 of my favorites, Java Jive and Day-O) from Cleo Design for the Challenge Mid-century Modern theme event which runs from November 1st – 30th, 2013. Thanks Faithless!

Free Mesh DeLorean Back to the Future Car

DeLorean Car, Egoisme, Second Life, Free

Free mesh DeLorean / Back to the Future car from Egoisme group gift (free to join). Thanks Ylanya!

Free Mesh Crochet Purse and Vintage Travel Bag

Crochet Bag, Swanky, Travel Tote, Delirium Style, Second Life, Free

Mesh Crochet Bag, a purse with flowers, water bottle, and paper bag from Swanky for L$1 at the Boho Culture Fair which runs from October 16th – 31st, 2013. Thanks Cherie! (follow the red arrow from the landing spot)

Free mesh Travel Tote Bag, a small luggage bag with colorful vintage travel stickers from Delirium Style at the Bitacora Travel Fair which runs from October 17th – 31st, 2013. Thanks Kenji!

Fun Free Wearable Mesh Creepy Clown Head

Creepy Clown Head, Lark, Second Life, Free

Fun free wearable mesh Creepy Clown Head mask with striped bow tie from Lark subscriber.

Soldier, Board Game, Elephant – Revenge of the Toys Hunt

Revenge of the Toys Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

Revenge of the Toys Hunt runs from October 1st – 31st, 2013.

Look for a black sculpted cube with an orange eye picture on it.


Toy Army Soldier, (Surge), Game Crate, Infintiy Creations, Stuffed Elephant, United InshCon, Revenge of the Toys Hunt, Second Life, Free

Really well made mesh green plastic toy army soldier from (Surge).
Hint : Under the Park Bench

Mesh cushioned game crate that rezzes 3 board games and pillows with animated poses from Infintiy Creations, Inc.
Hint : A dream is a wish the heart makes 

Giant pink elephant stuffed animal that sucks up an avatar through it’s trunk with funny animation from United InshCon.
Hint : search the white owl on the bridge


Get a note card with participating shops, hints, and landmarks at the hunt start location:


Vintage Table, Bear with Honey – Around The Grid Hunt

Around The Grid Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Around The Grid Hunt runs from July 27th – October 15th, 2013. Each item costs $L1.

Look for a sculpted compass (pictured left).



Vintage Table, =Axo's=, Honey Jar Bear, Closer to the Heart, Around The Grid Hunt, Second Life, Free

Mesh vintage Eames era coffee table that is only 1 prim (plus not shown: art bowl and vase) from =Axo’s=.
Hint: Hint giver on hunt sign

Mesh brown bear with a jar of honey from Closer to the Heart Creations.
Hint: Somewhere under the rainbow, hunt gifts lie…


Find more participating shops, hints, slurls, and gifts at the I & R’s Fun With Hunts blog.

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