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Fun Avatar Eating Old Tree Log – Dirty Little Secrets Hunt

Dirty Little Secrets Hunt Object, Second Life, Free

The Dirty Little Secrets Hunt 4 runs from October 25th – November 25th, 2013. Each item costs L$1.

Look for a sculpted black key with a red bow (pictured left).


Dirty Little Secrets Log, United InshCon, Dirty Little Secrets Hunt, Second Life, Free

Dirty Little Secrets Log, a fun old wood log with animated butterflies that swallows an avatar until it disappears with a funny animation when sat upon from United InshCon.
Hint: Look inside the Workshop Shed


Find more participating stores, hints, slurls, and gifts at the Dirty Little Secrets 4 blog.

Fun Free Mesh Man Eating Plant

A Lovely Plant, Never Totally Dead..., Second Life, Free

A Lovely Plant, a fun mesh man eating plant decoration that is available in three sizes from Never Totally Dead… group gift (free to join). Thanks Ylanya!

Cat Food, House, Flowers, and More – Black Cat Hunt

Black Cat Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Black Cat Hunt runs from July 17th – September 10th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted cat head (pictured left). 



Giant Cat Food, Piano, Vacuum, Shoulder Cat, House, Sunflowers, Black Cat Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun wearable giant can of cat food that moves around from cyoco Mayo / Cyoco’s Art Time.
Small toy piano music box that plays music and changes colors from Father’s mini Shop.
Mesh vacuum cleaner with fun poses from La petite fleur.
Black cat with flower pot shoulder pet from Funny Honey.
Little blue house from Factory of CarkMoon.
Sunflowers that are only 1 prim from Funny Honey.
There is a total of 27 gifts, many that are not shown.

Here is the starting point:
Tip: I used Google translate for the note cards I received for hints. 

Free Mesh Trees and Rock Lady Statue – Seraphim

Trees, we're CLOSED, Lady Garden, Michigans Shack, Seraphim Birthday Party, Second Life, Free

The Seraphim Turns Two! Birthday Party runs from June 19th – July 19th, 2013. There are many free gifts, join the -Seraphim- group (free to join) and find the gifts on the walls.

Two mesh trees with leaves from we’re CLOSED.
Dancing Lady Garden, mesh rocks and female sculpture covered in ivy with dance animations from Michigans Shack.


Find more participating shops and gifts at the Seraphim blog.

Free Angkor Wat Jungle Pool

Angkor Wat Jungle Pool, *Zinnias*, Second Life, Free

Free Angkor Wat Jungle Pool, a lovely water pond with plants, flowers, and animations from *Zinnias* group gift (free to join, check past notices).

Mermaid Decor, Wearables – Under The Sea Expo Hunt

Under The Sea Expo Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Under the Sea Expo Hunt runs from June 20th – 26th, 2013.

Look for a note with a sculpted pearl (pictured left).



Seahorse Fountain, Underwater Light Beams, Mermaid Scene, Six Pack Rings,  Scuba Cat, Pirate Shark, Under The Sea Expo Hunt, Second Life, Free

For this hunt, all shops need to be visited to collect your gifts. At the starting point, click on the note on the ground to find out which shop you should visit first (you will be told in local chat). Then find a board with the participating shops, and click on the shop sign to TP to the one you need to visit. The order of the shops is random, and you have to go in the order you are given. Each time you find a gift, you will be told which shop to visit next.


Seahorse water fountain with many options including lamp color from Cerridwen’s Cauldron.
Underwater light beams from Botanical. 
Mermaid underwater scene/photo prop with poses from Aquatics. 
Exotic Necklace from the Human World, wearable six pack rings from Curio Obscura.
Wearable animated cat in scuba gear that swims around your head from KittyCatS. 
Pirate shark stuffed animal attachment from Oceania.


Find more participating shops and information at the Sand, Sea & Second Life blog.

Free 1 Prim Mesh Wood Planter Box with Flowers

Wooden Planter with Clematis Flowers, Grimalkin Workshop, Second Life, Free

Free mesh Wooden Planter with Clematis flowering plants that is only 1 prim from Grimalkin Workshop available until April 28th, 2013. The shop is located in New Toulouse, which is a wonderful place to visit and explore as well.

Mesh Coffee Table, Pillows, Watermelon Patch – SF Hunt

Spring Festival Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Spring Festival Hunt on the Cookie Jar sim runs from April 6th – 20th, 2013. Each item costs L$1.

Look for a sculpted flower with a bow (pictured left).



Coffee Table and Pillows, Zinnias, Watermelon Patch, Trident, Spring Festival Hunt, Second Life, Free

Mesh bohemian Birch Grove coffee table with 3 couples animations including chatting, playing cards (with wearable cards), kissing, and pillow cushions plus sculpted flowers from Zinnias.
Hint: I love to curl up in the corner with a good book

Fun watermelon patch to farm with hoeing animation and sound form Trident.
Hint: Seek in a dark corner


Find more participating shops, slurls, and gifts on the Cookie Jar Community blog.

Free Mesh Potted Cactus Plant with Flowers

Potted Cactus Plant, Zinnias, Second Life, Free

Free mesh Santa Fe Potted Cactus plant with blossoms from Zinnias. Thanks Rekka!

Free Gold Heart Chair and Potted Plant

Gold Heart Chair, Potted Plant, ++ LP2 interior ++, Second Life, Free

Free Gold Heart arm chair and mesh 1 prim houseplant from ++ LP2 interior ++ / Yasuki Beck group gift (free to join).

Sorry! The gift is no longer available.

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