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Free Mesh Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar, Ydea, Second Life, Free

Free mesh acoustic guitar that’s only 1 prim and great for decoration, it also comes with an animation when worn from Ydea group gift (free to join). Thanks Virus!

Free Wearable AFK Flute with Music

AFK Flute, Charming, Second Life, Free

Free wearable bamboo AFK Flute with music and pose from Charming / ZeroNick Xue group gift (free to join).

Fun Mesh Rock ‘n’ Roll Skeleton AV – Trenza Stamp Rally

Trenza Stamp Rally Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Trenza Stamp Rally Hunt runs from September 27th – October 31st, 2013.

Look for a sculpted plywood ball (pictured left), some are transparent.


Rock and Roll Skeleton Avatar, Brook, moemoe Laval,Trenza Stamp Rally Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun mesh cartoon rock and roll skeleton avatar with clothes, afro hair, tophat, cane, and guitar from moemoe Laval.

At the landing spot, pick up a free HUD and find all 16 items with hints given in many different languages. I used Google Translate for help. After you find all 16 items, you are given a slurl to the final gift location. There are many treasure chests available and you are only allowed to select one for a prize. Find the chest with “++wakeari++ Brook AvA Set mesh” inside of it to get this gift. You can also complete the hunt again to get other prizes as well.

Start the Trenza Stamp Rally Hunt here:

Mesh Tin Robot, Toy Piano – BALACLAVA!! Arcade Gacha

Tin Robot, Toy Piano, BALACLAVA!!, Arcade Gacha, Second Life

Fun mesh vintage tin toy robot with a cheering animation and sound when clicked on that is only 2 prims and a mesh toy piano with 3 songs and animations that is only 1 prim for L$50 each, a couple of the 15 available prizes from BALACLAVA!! at The Arcade Gacha event which runs from September 1st – 30th, 2013.


Find more participating shops and gacha prizes at The Arcade Shopping Guide.


If you have bad luck like I do and would like a specific item, I would recommend visiting yard sales. Here is a good list of gacha yard sales:

Microphone, Guitar, KISS Makeup – Rock Attitude Hunt 3

Rock Attitude Hunt 3 Item, Second Life, Free

The Rock Attitude Hunt 3 runs from August 15th – September 15th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted box (pictured left).


Microphone, Morgane Batista Poses,  Electric Guitar in a Box, !! Follow US !! Design, Simmons Makeup, Bad Unicorn Clothing, RAH, Second Life, Free

Mesh microphone with poses and mic stand from Morgane Batista Poses. Thanks Bliour!
Hint: You & Me in One Spotlight

Mesh electric guitar in a cardboard box with cassette tapes and music sheets from !! Follow US !! Design. Thanks Cherie!
Hint: Maybe a new bottle of wine…

“Simmons” Face Paint, Gene Simmons KISS makeup from [BU] Bad Unicorn Clothing. Thanks Zeke!
Hint: One nation under time


Tongue from Tartessos Arts, TA Sculpt Animated Tongue for L$1.
Shirt from **Strayer**, Godzilla Sweetshirt for L$50.


Find more participating shops and hints at the Rock Attitude Hunt 3 blog.

Free Wearable Cello and Music Stand with Sounds

Cello with Music, Angelpocalypse Creations, Second Life, Free

Free wearable cello and bow with animations plus a music stand that plays a song (read the instructions) from Angelpocalypse Creations. Thanks lena!

Funny Free Wearable Ice Cream Case, Recorder, Trumpet

Ice Cream Case, Recorder, Trumpet, Satoko, Second Life, Free

Fun free wearable or rezzable mesh ice cream case freezer with poses, playable recorder with animation and hilarious badly played Titanic music (watch a video by FritzFranz to see and hear it), and a trumpet with a dove and music plus particles from *Goodies* / Satoko Koba at the Osiruco Sim Summer festival which runs from August 1st – 31st, 2013. Thanks Rekka

Fun Hand Puppets, Guitar, Prank Pillow – Kiyomizu Hunt

Kiyomizu Summer Treasure Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Kiyomizu Summer Treasure Hunt runs from June 22nd – July 15th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted ninja cat (pictured left).



Hand Puppets, Acoustic Guitar Prank Pillow, Kiyomizu Summer Treasure Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun wearable hand puppet show typing AO that appears when you type in chat from #Vez# / vezzin Resident.

Acoustic guitar with two playing animations from Namine Guitar.

Funny prank pillow cushion that bounces an avatar around when it is sat on from Kidd’s Factory.

Funny Free Wearable Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke Microphone, Funaria Moose, Second Life, Free

Funny free Karaoke Microphone attachment with audio and dance animations from Funaria Moose. Thanks Daizy!

You can find a copy in the Virtual Vagabonds group (L$1 to join, check past notices).

Free Electric Guitar Gift and Lucky Board Prize

Pink and White Electric Guitars, Libber's Guitar Product, Second Life, Free

Fun pink electric guitar with animations, special effects (including fire & explosion), plus 10 poses from a lucky board prize. Free white electric guitar with broken strings and one animation. Both are from Libber’s Guitar Product, available until May 31st, 2013.

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