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Visit The Behemoth, Free Mesh Avatars and More – SL10B

The Behemoth, Loki Eliot, SL10B

Visit the Behemoth, a wonderful build by Loki Eliot at the SL10B event, a celebration of Second Life’s 10th anniversary which runs from June 16th – 29th, 2013. Wear the HUD from the landing spot and experience a wonderful story.¬†



Behemoth, Engineer Avatars, Robot Head, Dolls, Loki Eliot, SL10B, Second Life, Free

Also at the Behemoth you can find many free mesh gifts including eight Engineer Avatars, a wearable Robot Head, an Infant Behemoth and Bunny Toy stuffed animals, plus more from Loki Eliot.


Watch Draxtor Despres’ machinima video of the exhibit: Draxtor Destinations Episode 3: The Behemoth at SL10B


Find out more about the event at the SL10B Community Celebration website.

Wonderful SL9B, Second Life’s 9th Birthday, Machinima

Click here if the embedded video doesn’t work.

Great SL9B machinima video of the Second Life Ninth Birthday party event by Loki Eliot.
Whether it’s a sight of things you remember or something you missed, it’s such a wonderful video of the exhibits and the SL9B event. Thanks so much Loki for creating the video, and Uccello for the heads up!

Free Funny Recorder and Trumpet with Doves

Recorder, Trumpet, Satoko Goodies Shop, Second Life, Free

Free recorder with hilarious badly played Titanic theme music and animation. Free trumpet with doves and music. Both from Satoko Goodies Shop / Satoko Koba. Thanks Nikita!



Update: Now with a funtastic video by Fritzfranz!

Artwashers, a Fun Machinima About SL Art

The Artwashers machinima takes a look at the “behind the scenes” work of SL art shows from 2sense Productions. Thanks Naxos!

Pixelated Truth

Fantastic machinima and song! Pop Art Lab music video contest entry for Giana Factory’s “Pixelated Truth” by Arbit Delacroix.

SodaLemondrop’s Silly SL Videos

One of my all time favorite hilarious video creators GnomeAir has come back as SodaLemondrop and is posting videos again! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Check out all of their videos on the channel:

Confessions of a Second Life Hoarder!

Ha ha ha! Too funny!

I am a collector of priceless pixel items too!

Girls in the Sky Machinima and Hunt

There is a hunt to celebrate the release of the Girls in the Sky machinima from January 28th – February 28th 2011. The prizes look great, you can see photos of them on the Japan Dream Kenjin blog.


Some of my favorite gifts from the hunt:

Retro Japanese style table by Kopi, vintage record player and shelf by Ponitee, a music box which creates a pretty sky dome (with swirling textures and music) by Kamikazee Speed Rods.


Flute music instrument by Patrimonio Instruments, steampunk goggles with changeable lenses  by Kumaki Glasses Style, and FlutterWing steampunk wings by Yooma Guijin Dou.



If you like machinima, you should check out the Girls in the Sky trailer on the BOSS (clubkenjin Loon) YouTube channel. It’s almost ten minutes long, but worth it, as it’s really well done and beautiful!

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