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Fun Wearable Dustpan and Broom – Lucky Board Prize

Dustpan and Broom, *NYACHI*, Second Life, Free

Funny wearable dustpan and broom with sweeping animation plus mesh loafer shoes from *NYACHI* / Nyachio Resident lucky board. Thanks chihiro!

Tree Stump with Book and Coffee – Lucky Board Prize

Reading Tree Stump, :::OBF::: off-brand furniture, Second Life, Free

Tree Stump with coffee and a book including 3 poses plus a book to read and 10 ground textures from :::OBF::: off-brand furniture lucky board.

Fun Giant Breakfast Plate Bed – Lucky Board Prize

Bread Bed, :::OBF::: off-brand furniture, Second Life, Free

Funny Bread Bed, a giant plate of breakfast bed with egg, bacon, toast, and color changeable plate plus 4 poses from :::OBF::: off-brand furniture lucky board.


Check out the wearable Toast Tent for another fun place to sleep on giant bread.

Mesh Water Fountain, Frog PJs – Romantic Nights Hunt

Romantic Nights Hunt Object, Second Life, FreeThe Romantic Nights Hunt runs from February 1st – 28th, 2014.

Look for a sculpted blue heart (pictured left).



Water Fountain, Never Totally Dead..., Frog Pajamas, *plowwies*, Romantic Nights Hunt, Second Life, Free

The Engraved Fountain, a really nice antique mesh water fountain that’s only 2 prims from Never Totally Dead…
Hint: Are you ok for a massage?

Flangada jammies, fun mesh knit frog pajamas plus slippers and hat with blinking eyes from *plowwies*.
Hint: “When you’re in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, ‘Damn, that was fun’.”


Find more participating shops, hints, gifts, and slurls at the Melnaka Events blog.

Free Mesh Route 66 Road Sign

Route 66 Road Sign, Seven Emporium, Second Life, Free

Free mesh sculpted Route 66 road sign that’s only one prim from Seven Emporium group gift (free to join).


This is a “new to me” shop full of great vintage low prim mesh items that are reasonably priced. I’d highly recommend checking it out!

Visit Mingle and Participate in the Event for Fun Free Gifts

Mingle Event, Holiday Appreciation Association, Second Life

Visit Mingle, a wonderful amusement park on the seashore with attractions to visit and explore which is a great new interactive place from the Holiday Appreciation Association.



Mingle Event HUD, Second Life, Free

The Mingle event runs from February 1st – 28th, 2014.

At the landing spot, receive and wear a HUD (shown left) then complete 20 tasks via messages from a cell phone. Some tasks require another another person, so bring a date/friend or be brave and ask stangers for help (fair warning: as a shy person it can be pretty awkward!!!).

After completing all of the tasks you will be able to visit a room with 23 free gifts. Some are shown below.


Art Box, Desk Clutter, Toy Animals, Balloons, Glasses, Chair, Mingle Event, Second Life, Free

Art Set with pencils, water paints, and chalk in a wood box from <:*BoOgErS*:>.
School desk clutter with notebooks, pencils, and a game of M.A.S.H. from floorplan.
Berceuse des Amoureux, a steampunk stuffed animal duck toy music box with music from [ContraptioN].
Romeo and Juliet Hedgehogs from +Half-Deer+.
Narwhals with “Let’s Mingle” tags from Intrigue Co.
Kissyphants, two kissing elephants from Pizza’s.
Wearable With my Heart, dog animal balloons from .Olive.
Beary Lurvin, stuffed animal toy bears in wearable and rezable versions from !Ohmai.
Lolita Sunglasses, heart shaped glasses in 5 different colors from Steffen Garcia.
Someone to Love Chair, a nice vintage Eames era arm chair with optional pillow from Scarlet Creative.
All items are mesh and 1 prim each except for the chair which is 3 prims.

Go to the landing spot and wear the HUD to get started:


Find more available gifts and pictures in the Flickr photo group and more information at The Holiday Appreciation Association plurk account.

Coffee House and Birdhouse – ++HY’s++ 2nd Anniv. Hunt

++HY's++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt Birdhouse Object, Second Life, FreeThe ++HY’s++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt runs from January 28th – February 9th, 2014.

Look for a sculpted birdhouse (pictured left).


Coffee House Building, ++HY's++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt, Second Life, Free

Cottage style Coffee House building with texture changeable awnings, plus the box is a 1 prim mesh birdhouse with a bird (the same as the hunt object) from ++HY’s++ / hitsu Ruby. Thanks Alice!

Funny Free Medieval Vacuum Cleaner

Medieval Vacuum Cleaner Elephant, United InshCon, Second Life, Free

Funny free Medieval Vacuum Cleaner, a baby elephant in a cart with sound and walking animation by United InshCon from the Creators of Fantasy group gift (free to join).

Free Mesh Antique Table and Raven

Console, Antique Table, Raven, Never Totally Dead..., Second Life, Free

Free Console, a mesh antique side table that’s only one prim plus optional raven bird from Never Totally Dead… group gift (free to join).

Free Mesh Laundromat Washing Machines

Laundromat Washing Machines, Mad Mesh, Second Life, Free

Free mesh Laundromat Washing Machines with 16 different numbers or letters that are only 1 prim each from Mad Mesh / Domsson Lean that are available for free until January 31st, 2014. Thanks faithless!

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