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Funny Spider On Balloons and Bouquet – I Hate You Hunt

I Hate You Hunt ObjectThe I Hate You Hunt runs from February 1st – 28th, 2014. Each item costs L$1.

Look for a sculpted black heart (pictured left).



Valentine Balloons and Roses Bouquet with a Spider, Winter Super Wonderland, I Hate You Hunt, Second Life, Free

oh its valentine already ???, a funny wearable valentine’s day balloons and roses bouquet that gets destroyed by an animated crawling spider from Winter Super Wonderland.
Hint: Welcome!, have a seat, relax. (but check first if there is not a monster under the bed hiding) 


Find more participating shops, hints, slurls, and gifts at the I Hate You Hunt blog.

Fun Free Mesh Red Demon with Cupid Costume

Cupid Red Demon, Kobold Studios, Second Life, Free

Fun free Kobo_Kupid, a small red demon wearing a stick bow, heart arrow, and cardboard wings that’s only 1 prim from Kobold Studios / Sarge72 Resident group gift (free to join).

Fun Free Mesh Gingerbread Man and Woman Avatars

Sir Ginger, Miss Ginger Avatars, (*chanimations, DeviousMind, Second Life, Free

Free Sir Ginger and Miss Ginger, fun mesh male and female gingerbread avatars from (*chanimations and DeviousMind. Thanks Flux!

Fun Free Confetti Machine with Balloons

Confetti Machine with Balloons, Alicia Stella Design, Second Life, Free

Fun free Confetti Machine with floating balloons which is great for New Years from Alicia Stella Design.

Fun Free Mesh Christmas Tree Sweater

Xmas Tree Sweater, [Sheep Door], Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh Xmas Tree sweater with a star on top from [Sheep Door] group gift (free to join). Thanks Naxos!

Funny Free Drivable Christmas Snail Sleigh

Christmas Snail Sleigh, United InshCon, Second Life, Free

Funny free drivable Christmas Snail Sleigh that’s carried by three snails with blinking eyes wearing Santa hats by United InshCon from the Creators of Fantasy group gift (free to join).

Fun Free Tiny Penguin Avatar – Advent Gift

Tiny Penguin Avatar, Grendel's Children, Wootmas Advent Gift, Second Life, Free

Fun free Tiny Penguin Avatar with removable santa hat and scarf plus a full AO including a cute belly slide when you run and a moving jaw when you chat from Grendel’s Children for the Raglan Shire Wootmas Advent Calendar. Available until 7pm December 25th, 2013.

Funny Free Mesh Xmas Skunk Avatar – Advent Gift

Xmas Skunk Avatar, Abranimations Advent Gift, Second Life, Free

Funny free mesh Poo Poo Ri, The Xmas Skunk avatar wearing a sweater and santa hat with a silly gesture that has sounds and farts flowers from the Abranimations 2013 Advent Calendar gift (click on the box numbered 24). Available until midnight December 24th, 2013

Fun Free Wearable Christmas Lights

Wearable Christmas Lights, [ hoorenbeek ], Second Life, Free

Fun free wearable Christmas Lights with twinkling lights from [ hoorenbeek ].

Funny Free Wearable Eggnog Carton

EGGNOGGLE DELUXE!!!!!, Snatt Mendle, Second Life, Free

Funny free EGGNOGGLE DELUXE!!!!!, a wearable carton of egg nog with funny shaking animation and mess from Snatt Mendle. Thanks Belone!

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