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Fun Giant Breakfast Plate Bed – Lucky Board Prize

Bread Bed, :::OBF::: off-brand furniture, Second Life, Free

Funny Bread Bed, a giant plate of breakfast bed with egg, bacon, toast, and color changeable plate plus 4 poses from :::OBF::: off-brand furniture lucky board.


Check out the wearable Toast Tent for another fun place to sleep on giant bread.

Free Wearable Floating Giant Donuts in Three Flavors

Floating Doughnuts, Qurarisu, Second Life, Free

Free wearable floating giant doughnuts with many animations in chocolate, custard, and strawberry from Qurarisu Resident at the Meltingdots Freebie Store.

Funny Flyable Bacon Sandwich Airplane

Bacon Sammach Plane, Muttenchops Chaplin, Second Life, Free

Funny Bacon Sammach Plane, a flyable bacon sandwich airplane with all the yummy goods and a rotating bacon propeller from Muttenchops Chaplin.

You can find a copy in the Virtual Vagabonds group (L$1 to join, check past notices).


This is my third anniversary since starting the blog, and one of my inspirations was the awesome bacon sammach plane blogged by Emerald years ago. I just wanted to share more fun stuff in SL. Thanks to the readers, many more thanks to those of you that comment or contribute here or in the group! You all are wonderful and have brought many smiles! I hope the community of misfits can keep growing. It’s been a fun ride!

Funny Free Wearable Giant Bowl of Soup

Giant Soup Bowl, LaDuke Creber, choose*cafe, Second Life, Free

Funny free La toshikoshi_soba, a wearable giant bowl of noodle soup with animated chopsticks from LaDuke Creber available at choose*cafe.

Funny Free Wearable Eggnog Carton

EGGNOGGLE DELUXE!!!!!, Snatt Mendle, Second Life, Free

Funny free EGGNOGGLE DELUXE!!!!!, a wearable carton of egg nog with funny shaking animation and mess from Snatt Mendle. Thanks Belone!

Funny Free Turkey Time Hat with Animation

Turkey Time Hat, Tootsology, Second Life, Free

Funny free Arrgh! Turkey Time Hat, a wearable uncooked turkey on your head with a hilarious animation from Tootsology / Tootsy Foxtrot.

Tree House, Lantern, Books, Desserts – Kawaii Mini Hunt

Kawaii Mini Hunt Object, Second Life, Fee

The Kawaii Mini Hunt runs from November 1st – 24th, 2013.

Look for a one prim sculpted pink flower (pictured left).


Lantern with Antlers, Wearable Books, Tree House,  Sweets Tray, Strawberry Dessert, Kawaii Mini Hunt, Second Life, Free

Holy Lamp, wearable lantern with antlers head attachment plus color changeable light from *coucou*.
Hint: Place with a view of the horizon

Wearable books (stacks or single) with many poses from +:::+Natural+:::+
Hint: Looking up in the store!

Tree house with building, trees, couch, and grass from Ls Shop / a collaboration by Lisa and Leia*Galaxyshop.

Sweets party set, a display of desserts and candy from monaya market.
Hint: Table

Strawberry cream puff dessert that also gives out wearable food and hot chocolate with animation from :poche.
Hint: I’m hiding with apple


Find more participating stores, hints, slurls, and gifts at the Kawaii Mini Hunt blog. Thanks sonnet and ayumi!

Free Mesh Pot of Soup and Plate of Pancakes

Oden Pot, Hotcake Plate, *HANAUTA*, Second Life, Free

Free mesh wearable or rezzable Oden Pot / pot of soup and a rezzable plate of Hotcakes / pancakes with color changeable plate plus fork, fruit, and whipped cream from *HANAUTA* group gift (free to join). Thanks amin!

Happy 6th Rezday to Me…

6th Rezday, Second Life, Free

It’s my 6th Rezday (or 2,192 days of logging in to SL 8-O ), plus almost 3 years of updating this blog every day.

It has been a fun ride and adventure!

Many thanks to all of the creators for the great and awesome items made plus all of the smiles and laughs! :D

Thanks to all of the blog readers and the VV group members (I never expected an audience!). :oops:

Here’s to many more for as long as the fun lasts! 8-)


Good Times Roll – The Cars


Extra thanks to NPIRL that got me intrigued with SL when I was a noob, and to Naxos, an awesome friend that kept me interested in this world by sharing gifts and adventures. I don’t know if I’d still be around without them. :-)


Free ancient SL default female avatar plus many more available in your library or at the Meltingdots Freebie Store.

Party Hat available in your inventory library.

Wearable Old Timer Mobile by Salsa! (sadly no longer available).

Second Life Rez Day Cake from Shopkeeper Linden.


Update: Many thanks to everyone for the greetings and well wishing comments here and everywhere else!
I really appreciate all of them and they truly mean a lot to me.
Here’s a pic of me in style and dancing the night away ;)

Funny Twisted Pretzel Avatar – Tinies Halloween Hunt

Tinies Halloween Hunt Object, Second Life, Free

The Tinies Halloween Hunt runs from October 15th – 31st, 2013. Each item costs L$1.

Look for a sculpted pumpkin (pictured left).


Tiny Twisted Pretzel Avatar, Peeps Tinies, Tinies Halloween Hunt, Second Life, Free

Funny Tiny Twisted Pretzel Avatar carrying a pretzel and a bottle of mustard from Peeps Tinies.
Hint: I’d like to tell your fortune


Find more participating shops, hints, slurls and gifts at the Tinies Halloween Hunt blog.

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