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Cat Food, House, Flowers, and More – Black Cat Hunt

Black Cat Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Black Cat Hunt runs from July 17th – September 10th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted cat head (pictured left). 



Giant Cat Food, Piano, Vacuum, Shoulder Cat, House, Sunflowers, Black Cat Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun wearable giant can of cat food that moves around from cyoco Mayo / Cyoco’s Art Time.
Small toy piano music box that plays music and changes colors from Father’s mini Shop.
Mesh vacuum cleaner with fun poses from La petite fleur.
Black cat with flower pot shoulder pet from Funny Honey.
Little blue house from Factory of CarkMoon.
Sunflowers that are only 1 prim from Funny Honey.
There is a total of 27 gifts, many that are not shown.

Here is the starting point:
Tip: I used Google translate for the note cards I received for hints. 

Free 1 Prim Mesh Wood Planter Box with Flowers

Wooden Planter with Clematis Flowers, Grimalkin Workshop, Second Life, Free

Free mesh Wooden Planter with Clematis flowering plants that is only 1 prim from Grimalkin Workshop available until April 28th, 2013. The shop is located in New Toulouse, which is a wonderful place to visit and explore as well.

Free Mesh Potted Cactus Plant with Flowers

Potted Cactus Plant, Zinnias, Second Life, Free

Free mesh Santa Fe Potted Cactus plant with blossoms from Zinnias. Thanks Rekka!

Furniture and Garden Gifts – The Nest Easter Egg Hunt

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Nest Easter Egg Hunt runs from March 15th – 30th, 2013.

Look for sculpted Easter eggs all over the sim (example pictured left).



Gardener's Stepstool, Potted Yucca Plant and Flowers, Zinnias, Side Tables, Rug, Zigana, The Nest Easter Egg Hunt, Second Life, Free

Gardener’s stepstool with hand shovel and sitting pose, Yucca plant in Mayan pot, potted spring plants with flowers, and tippy bowls with eggs from Zinnias. Thanks faithless! 

Wood side tables with drawers and handmade rustic rug, mesh and 1 prim each from Zigana.


Table, Cupcakes, Tea Set, Cheeky Pea, Kid's Chairs, Organica, Bookshelf, EoD, The Nest Easter Egg Hunt, Second Life, Free

Mr. Whiskers set including a flower painted wood table, cupcake stand, bunny shaped teapot, teacups in six colors, mesh and 1 prim each (even the cake stand!) from Cheeky Pea.

Little Kid’s wood chairs in five colors with many sit animations for adults and children, mesh and 1 prim each from [Organica].

Mesh vintage child’s Bunny bookshelf storage from End of Daze.


Find each gift in an Easter egg at The Nest sim:


 Find more participating shops and gifts on The Nest blog.

Fun Wearable Sunflower – Spring Awakening Hunt

Spring Awakening Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Spring Awakening Hunt runs from March 4th – 31st, 2013.

Look for a sculpted flower (pictured left).


Wearable Sunflower, Shadow Moon, Spring Awakening Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun wearable sculpted sunflower with hand hold animation from Shadow Moon.
Hint: Just doing some research on what type of flower this is


Find more participating shops, slurls, and hints on the Spring Awakening Hunt blog.

Free 1 prim Flower Box with 12 Plants and 26 Colors

Flower Planter, GachaYa, Second Life, Free

Free 1 prim flower planter with 12 flower options and 26 planter colors from ! GachaYa ! anniversary gift. You can change the flowers and flower pot color if you click and hold on the planter for 3 seconds. The flowers can also change on their own each month.

Lotus Flower, Fairy Sky Island – Medieval Fantasy Hunt

Medieval Fantasy Hunt Object, Second Life, FreeThe Medieval Fantasy Hunt runs from June 1st – 30th, 2012.

Look for a small sculpted sword in a rock pictured left.



Lotus Flower Plant, Fairy Sky Island, Medieval Fantasy Hunt, Second Life, Free

Blue lotus flower/water lily and leaves (only 3 prims for all) from Gumi’s Flower Shop.
Hint: Go West and search in a thicket of white lillies calles casablanca

Fairy retreat floating island, a skybox forest with mushroom house, trees, pond, waterfall, and more from Wisp Her.

Hint: you want a piece of cake?


Find more participating shops, hints, slurls, and gifts at the Medieval Fantasy Hunt blog.

Free Bucket of Daisies

Bucket of Daisy Flowers, Marmalade Jam, Second Life, Free

Free bucket of daisy flowers, May gift from Marmalade Jam subscriber (free to join). Thanks kanatan!

Vintage TV and Watering Can for L$1

Portable TV, Watering Can, Smersh, Second Life, Free

Portable retro television with rabbit ears and animated screen plus a watering can with animation and flowers from Smersh for L$1 each.

Free Butterflies and Flowers – Home and Garden Expo

Butterflies, Roses, Birds of Paradise, Home & Garden Expo, Second Life, Free

The Home & Garden Expo runs from May 19th – 28th, 2012. Each shop has 2 items for sale that are donations to RFL/Relay for Life an SL fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Shopping at the event goes to a good cause. There are also some nice gifts too.

Free butterfly wall art from Park Place Home Decor. Thanks Dreamer!

Free paper bag with color changeable roses from Sway’s. Thanks manolya!

Free mesh bird of paradise flowers in a vase from Organica.


Find more information at the 5th Annual Second Life Home & Garden Expo blog.

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