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Coffee House and Birdhouse – ++HY’s++ 2nd Anniv. Hunt

++HY's++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt Birdhouse Object, Second Life, FreeThe ++HY’s++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt runs from January 28th – February 9th, 2014.

Look for a sculpted birdhouse (pictured left).


Coffee House Building, ++HY's++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt, Second Life, Free

Cottage style Coffee House building with texture changeable awnings, plus the box is a 1 prim mesh birdhouse with a bird (the same as the hunt object) from ++HY’s++ / hitsu Ruby. Thanks Alice!

Reaper Boat, Moose Snowmobile, Caravan – M.F. Hunt

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI Object, Second Life, FreeThe Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI runs from January 5th – 31st, 2014. Thanks Arrow!

Look for a sculpted owl (pictured left).



Grim Reaper Boat, Gothic's Musing, Moose Snowmobile, AW Creations, Caravan, Gypsy Wolf, Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI, Second Life, Free

Don’t Pay the Ferryman, a boat driven by the Grim Reaper from Gothic’s Musing.
Hint: A fairytale for two

Fantasy Snowmobile, a fun vehicle with a moose head and animated steam engine from AW Creations.
Hint: Follow the sound of the bagpipes

Abandoned Caravan, a wood wagon covered by vines with many sitting poses from Gypsy Wolf.
Hint: The vagabonds travel far and near, but how do you think they get there, my dear?


The hunt ends very soon, so hurry!

Find more available gifts at Ley Zed Ass’ blog post plus participating shops, hints and slurls at the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI blog

Free Detailed Mesh Police Public Call Box or Tardis

Public Call Box, Tardis, POST, Second Life, Free

Free detailed mesh Police Public Call Box, phone booth, or Tardis with doors that open and close available for this weekend only from POST. Thanks Kyle!

Great Free Complete Pizzaria and Candy Store Buildings

Pizza Parlor, Candy Shop Buildings, ALH shop, Second Life, Free

Free Ray’s Pizza Parlor restaurant and The Candy Shop buildings, both come with amazingly detailed and fun interiors that include all that you would need from ALH shop / LINUS Humphreys.


Find more great gifts at the ALH shop.

Cat Food, House, Flowers, and More – Black Cat Hunt

Black Cat Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Black Cat Hunt runs from July 17th – September 10th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted cat head (pictured left). 



Giant Cat Food, Piano, Vacuum, Shoulder Cat, House, Sunflowers, Black Cat Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun wearable giant can of cat food that moves around from cyoco Mayo / Cyoco’s Art Time.
Small toy piano music box that plays music and changes colors from Father’s mini Shop.
Mesh vacuum cleaner with fun poses from La petite fleur.
Black cat with flower pot shoulder pet from Funny Honey.
Little blue house from Factory of CarkMoon.
Sunflowers that are only 1 prim from Funny Honey.
There is a total of 27 gifts, many that are not shown.

Here is the starting point:
Tip: I used Google translate for the note cards I received for hints. 

Horse, Donkey, Stone Building – Medieval Fantasy Hunt

Medieval Fantasy Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX runs from June 1st – 30th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted pile of coins (pictured left).


Horse, Donkey, Stone House, Medieval Fantasy Hunt, Second Life, Free

Mesh horse with 10 color options from United InshCon.
Hint: You’ll find your luck, on horse’s back

Donkey with sound and animated pose that poops gold from United InshCon. Thanks DrFran!
Hint: A Wizard protects the House

Mage Manor, a stone house with basement, library, balcony, and more from Mystique / Claira Jules.
Hint: Hay!


Find more participating shops, slurls, and hints at the Medieval Fantasy Hunt blog.

Free Rustic Cottage House

Rustic Cottage House, VD Creations, Second Life, Free

Free partial mesh rustic cottage house with working fireplace, porch lights, ivy, and flowers from VD Creations / Vexx Daines. Available for a limited time. Thanks Wurfi!

Retro Kitsch Motel, Neon Sign – Route 66 Road Trip Hunt

Route 66 Road Trip Hunt Item, Second Life, FreeThe Route 66 Road Trip Hunt runs from February 20th – March 20th, 2013. Each item costs L$1.

Look for a sculpted motorcycle tire (pictured left).


Wigwam Motel, (In)Discretions, Neon Sign, Axo's, Road Sign, MadPea, Route 66 Hunt, Second Life, Free

Vintage kitsch Wigwam Motel with vintage car, cacti, and bed with animations from (In)Discretions. Thanks Hyacinth!
Hint: Everyone needs drivin’ music!

Vintage spinning sputnik shaped neon sign (mesh and only 2 prims), the Roto-Sphere from Axo’s / Axolotl Icthan.
Hint: Hey, maybe I look like a plate, but I’m not!

Worn out Route 66 road sign with U.S. and all eight states options, plus a No Drama sign from MadPea.
Hint:  Anyone who traveled west on Route 66 knew they were linking the old for the new (old town Chicago and shiny Los Angeles). Here the Kaaos Effect does the same thing – someplace between the Future and the Old West lies your prize.


Find more participating shops, gifts, hints, and slurls at the Route 66 Road Trip Hunt blog.

Mesh Cabin and Telescope – Cold Winter Nights Hunt

Cold Winter Nights Hunt Item, Second Life, FreeThe Cold Winter Nights Hunt runs from January 15th – February 15th, 2013. Each item costs L$10.

Look for a sculpted blue snowflake (pictured left).

Telescope,  -Hanaya- , Cabin, POST, Cold Winter Nights Hunt, Second Life, Free

Telescope with table and laptop that are mesh plus interactive animations from -Hanaya-.
Hint: Tiptoe through the Tulips

Rustic mesh cabin with scripted fireplace with smoke and stained glass windows from POST.
Hint: Let sleeping dogs lie

Find more participating shops, gifts, slurls, and hints at the Cold Winter Nights hunt blog.

Cash Register, Cafe Bar, Desk and Chair – Gacha Prizes

Cash Register, Cafe Bar, Office Desk and Chair, ! GachaYa !, Second Life, Free

Cash register that is available in 18 colors, mesh, 1 prim, with sculpted buttons and optional tip jar script, cafe bar stall available in 12 variations, office desk and chair that is available in 7 colors, mesh, and 1 prim a piece from ! GachaYa ! / yuji777 gacha machines for L$1 each.

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