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Fun Mesh Mushroom Man Avatar – Final Fantasy Festival

Mushroom Man Avatar, //Monster Slayer//, Final Fantasy Festival 7, Second Life

Fun mesh Mushroom Man Avatar on sale for L$100 from //Monster Slayer// / Darshe Aliev at the Final Fantasy Festival 7 event which runs from February 1st – 21st, 2014.


I’ve found it’s really fun to wear with the free Happy AO from Abranimations.

Fun Free Wearable Mesh Battlemech Grasshopper

Battlemech Grasshopper, TRAUM, Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh Battlemech Grasshopper, a wearable battle bot with AO from TRAUM / Renn Yifu. Thanks Cicadetta!

Fun Free Tiny Yeti Avatar

Tiny Yeti Avatar, Martini Discovolante, Second Life, Free

Fun free Tiny Yeti Avatar that comes with a YetiPoo Flinger from Martini Discovolante plus many more gifts for tinies at the Raglan Shire Wootmas tree (look for a sculpted gold acorn). Thanks Ceg!

Four Funny SL Parody Avatars

Funny Avatars, Fallen Pornstar, Dark Blonde Vampyr, Blingtard Dim-Wit, Pink Barchick, Discrete Builds, Second Life, Free

Four funny SL parody complete avatars: Fallen Pornstar, Dark Blonde Vampyr, Blingtard Dim-Wit, and Pink Barchick for L$1 each that include clothes, shape, skin, hair, AO, and more from Discrete Builds / Dexter Bogdanovich.

Funny Free Crab Avatar Costume

Crab Avatar, Club Mermaid, note Eel, Second Life, Free

Funny free Crab Avatar costume with optional bubbles from the head that also gives out crab legs to eat when clicked on from Club Mermaid / note Eel. Thanks Electronic!


For fun and giggles, I’ve added a few old silly “I Pinch” gestures to the Virtual Vagabonds group (L$1 to join, check past notices).

Mesh Toy Bunny Rabbit Avatar – Lucky Board Prize

Rabbit Avatar, *MerBerry*, Second Life, Free

Mesh stuffed animal Rabbit Avatar available in 15 different colors from *MerBerry* lucky board. Thanks Renge!

Fun Free Mesh Gingerbread Man and Woman Avatars

Sir Ginger, Miss Ginger Avatars, (*chanimations, DeviousMind, Second Life, Free

Free Sir Ginger and Miss Ginger, fun mesh male and female gingerbread avatars from (*chanimations and DeviousMind. Thanks Flux!

Visit the Fun Egnog Grotto and Free Mesh Troll Avatar

Egnog Grotto, Loki Eliot, Second Life

Visit the fun Egnog the Troll Grotto by Loki Eliot until December 31st, 2013.

At the landing spot, click on the red sign, buy the free HUD, wear it, and then teleport to see Egnog the Troll and rub his tummy to receive gifts.
Hint: Try both answers. Thanks Niki!


Egnog Little Troll avatar, Loki Eliot, Second Life, Free

One of the gifts is an adorable mesh Egnog Little Troll avatar from Loki Eliot.

Free Avatars and Attachments from Grendel’s Children

Grendel's Children 2013 Holiday Gifts, Second Life, Free

Fun free animal and non-human avatars, attachments, and more from Grendel’s Children (extra gifts will be added soon, so check back!).

Fun Free Tiny Penguin Avatar – Advent Gift

Tiny Penguin Avatar, Grendel's Children, Wootmas Advent Gift, Second Life, Free

Fun free Tiny Penguin Avatar with removable santa hat and scarf plus a full AO including a cute belly slide when you run and a moving jaw when you chat from Grendel’s Children for the Raglan Shire Wootmas Advent Calendar. Available until 7pm December 25th, 2013.

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