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Visit Burn2 Burning Man Event for Art and Free Gifts

Burn2, Burning Man, Krystali Rabeni, Second Life

Visit the Burn2 Burning Man event which runs from October 19th – 27th, 2013.
Main entrance Playa:

Pictured above is awesome the “We’re Living Someone Else’s Dream” art installation by Krystali Rabeni.



Air Balloon, Alien Buddy, Rideable Pig, Interactive Art, Phone Booth, Burn2, Burning Man, Second Life, Free

Steampunk flyable air balloon from Loki Eliot at the Sand Fairy exhibit.
From the sign: “Sit on a pillow, worship the stone! The more that worship the stone the more gift orbs the fairy will release with bigger and bigger gifts inside.”
Hint: To receive all 6 gifts, every pillow must be sat on. Catch the orbs that the sand fairy gives out. They are great and well worth it!

Wearable mesh Alien Buddy with hug pose from 4400. Thanks Loki!

Lollygagger Piggyback Ride, a fun rideable mesh pig on wheels from Firery Broome. Thanks kinnaird!

Interactive Matrix and Taking a Break art with animated poses from Inside Art / Ginger Lorakeet. Thanks Dexter!

Tardis phone booth Porta Potty from Toady Nakamura.

Plus many many more fun adventures and free gifts that you can find on the six sims. :)


Find more information and exhibit plots at the Burn2 website.

Free Mesh Ladder and Painting Canvases

Ladder, Paintings, [we're CLOSED], Second Life, Free

Free mesh wood ladder with poses and painting canvases that you can add your own pictures to that are only 1 prim for each group from [we're CLOSED] group gift (free to join). Thanks Spark!

Free Unusual Mesh Record Shelf Man with Lamp Head

Record Shelf Man Lamp, La petite fleur, Second Life, Free

Free mesh Recordshelf, a really neat and unusual record shelf shaped like a man with a lamp for a head with a moustache, 7 sitting poses, and is only 2 prims from La petite fleur / yukineko Jewell. Thanks Coko!

Four Free Groups of Rock Music Posters

Rock Music Posters, *ionic*, Second Life, Free

Four free groups of rock music posters (with old and new bands) at 1 prim each group from *ionic* / lakua Arriaga group gift (free to join). Thanks Dreamer!

Free Wonderful Art and Daisy on a Chair Decoration

Art, Whiskey Monday, Potted Daisy on a Chair, naminaeko, Second Life, Free

Free wonderful artwork from Whiskey Monday and a small potted daisy on a chair decoration from naminaeko, anniversary gifts at Atelier Kreslo. Thanks Qopi!

Free Mesh Dorothy Avatar and Wizard of Oz Statues

Mesh Dorothy Avatar and Wizard of Oz Display Models, DOLLCOCO / COCO DESIGNS, Second Life, Free

Wonderful free mesh jointed doll Dorothy avatar with wearable Toto dog stuffed animal and five life size display models of the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, and the Wizard of Oz from DOLLCOCO / COCO DESIGNS. Thanks Naxos and Ami!

Please note: the total land impact / prim count for all five display models is 1244.

Sorry! The gifts are no longer available!

Update: Now at a new location

Art Statue, Haunted House, Luggage, TV – Room 326 Hunt

Room 326 Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Room 326 Hunt from MadPea runs from December 28th, 2012 – January 31st, 2013. The hunt starts at the Silent Peacock Hotel. Purchase a hud from a newspaper vendor for L$50.

Look for a sculpted envelope (pictured left). Follow the hints, and if you get stuck, ask for help in the MadPea group. There are 15 envelopes to find before you can receive all of the gifts.
Fair warning: It’s a difficult hunt!


Art Statue, Haunted House, Luggage Cart, Animated TV, Room 326 Hunt, Second Life, Free

Lovely mesh art nouveau bust statue, Mysterious bust special edition from The Cube Art Gallery / Yaiza Galicia.
Haunted House which reminds me of the house from the movie Psycho from Never Totally Dead / Silex Zapedzki.
Hotel luggage cart from Never Totally Dead / BlueSean Yiyuan.
Retro Television with animated screen and sounds from The Black Forest / Arduenn Schwartzman.

Start the Room 326 hunt here:


Find more information, participating shops and gifts at the MadPea blog.

Neat Painted Eagle Totem Sculpture

Eagle Totem Tiki Sculpture, Leev Turbo, Second Life

Awesome painted Eagle Totem sculpture that’s mesh and only 2 prims by CUTEHAT / Leev Turbo for L$199. I think it could be great for Tiki decor too.
See and buy the totem plus their other great creations at the Fruit Islands art show.

The sculptures are also available on Marketplace.

Free Steampunk Posters

Steampunk Posters, Axo's, Second Life, Free

Four free steampunk posters from Axo’s. Thanks Miranda!

Antique Furniture, Matryoshka Dolls – Melting Pot Hunt

Great Melting Pot Hunt Item, Second LifeThe Great Melting Pot Hunt runs from August 16th – September 15th, 2012. Each item costs L$1.

Look for a sculpted globe (pictured left). Thanks Kyle


Antique Furniture, Matryoshka Dolls, Great Melting Pot Hunt, Seond Life, Free

Mesh antique furniture set with side table, chair, stained glass lamp, angel statue, books, and art from Prism Furniture.
Hint: To complete your JOURNEY you will need to be tested by FIRE.

Set of 5 mesh Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls from SFW Industries.
Hint: It used to save your screen, but now it’s just eye candy. 


Find more participating shops, slurls, hints, and gifts at the Great Melting Pot Hunt blog.

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