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Free Mesh Antique Table and Raven

Console, Antique Table, Raven, Never Totally Dead..., Second Life, Free

Free Console, a mesh antique side table that’s only one prim plus optional raven bird from Never Totally Dead… group gift (free to join).

Free Mesh Antique Gacha Machine

Gacha Engine Machine, Never Totally Dead..., Second Life, Free

Free Gacha Engine, a mesh antique gacha machine that you can add your own prizes to with options for rares from Never Totally Dead… group gift (free to join).

Mesh Antique Butcher Block – The Long Way Hunt

The Long Way Hunt Object, Second Life, FreeThe Long Way Hunt runs from December 23rd, 2013 – January 7th, 2014. Each item costs L$1.

Look for a sculpted red demon head (pictured left).


Le Billot, Butcher Block, Never Totally Dead..., The Long Way Hunt, Second Life, Free

Le Billot, a mesh antique kitchen counter / butcher block with meat, grinder, cleaver, and decorative tins from Never Totally Dead…
Hint: If you find a secret, you will find your gift! 


Find more participating shops, hints, gifts, and slurls at The Long Way Hunt blog.

Nice Free Mesh Antique Military Hat

Play's Shako Hat, [ContraptioN], Second Life, Free

Free Play’s Shako, a nice mesh steampunk antique military hat from [ContraptioN] group gift (free to join).

Free Vintage Radio, Typewriter, Telephone – Advent Gift

Antique Radio, Typewriter, Phone, StoraxTree Advent, Second Life, Free

Free mesh Vintage Memories: antique radio, typewriter, phone, and rug from the StoraxTree 2013 Advent Calendar gift (click on the tree numbered 23). Available until midnight December 23rd, 2013.

Art Deco Lamp, Posters, Chalkboard – Unknown Hunt

The 8th Unknown Hunt Object, Second Life, Free

The 8th Unknown Hunt runs from November 1st – 30th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted antique picture frame (pictured left).



Art Deco Lamp, Sparrow by Design, Antique Posters, Sari-Sari, School Chalkboard, The Artist's Loft, The 8th Unknown Hunt, Second Life, Free

Mesh Art Deco woman sculpture lamp in table and statue sizes from Sparrow by Design.
Hint: Donna and AnaLee are looking at me.

Mesh framed antique children’s alphabet and circus posters from Sari-Sari.
Hint: Look under the tables.

School chalkboard with apple and 8 poses from The Artist’s Loft.
Hint: You could take a bath here, but there’s no privacy.


Find more participating stores, hints, slurls, and gifts at The 8th Unknown Hunt blog.

Furniture and Decor Gifts – The Nest Halloween Hunt

The Nest Halloween Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Nest Halloween Hunt runs from October 6th – 19th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted pumpkin (pictured left).


Hand Chair, [ Organica ], Piano, +sanctuaire+, Bookshelf, llorisen, Cabinet, [Noble], Pumpkins, 11th Hour, The Nest Halloween Hunt, Second Life, Free

Caress Chair, mesh hand chairs in 4 colors with 10 animated poses that are only 2 prims each from [ Organica ].

Reclaimed Piano Bookcase, a mesh piano turned into a shelf with Ouija board, tarot cards, voodoo doll, fortune teller ball and more from +sanctuaire+.

papy clock shelves, a mesh bookshelf shaped like a grandfather clock with a black cat silhouette from llorisen.

Harvest Time Cabinet, a mesh antique cabinet with crackle finish and painted trees plus doors and drawers that open and close from [Noble].

Mesh Pumpkin Storage Crate that is only 2 prims from 11th Hour.

Find each gift at The Nest sim:


Find more available gifts on nanaka’s blog post and participating shops on The Nest blog.

Fun Free Wearable Wood Buggy Taxi with Drivers

Wood Carriage Taxi Rickshaw, imatest2 Resident, Second Life, Free

Fun free wearable antique wood carriage taxi rickshaw that is driven by two animated footmen by imatest2 Resident from Old Europe group gift (free to join).

Orchestrion Music Box – [ContraptioN] Arcade Gacha

Orchestrion, [ContraptioN], Arcade Gacha, Second Life

The Orchestrion is a wonderful giant mesh automaton steampunk music box with animated instruments and mechanisms plus doors that open that is available in 8 different versions each with their own song for L$75 each from [ContraptioN] at The Arcade Gacha event which runs from September 1st – 30th, 2013.


You can find a rare version rezzed at the main shop so you can see the animated parts in action.


Find more participating shops and gacha prizes at The Arcade Shopping Guide.


If you have bad luck like I do and would like a specific color, I would recommend visiting yard sales. Here is a good list of gacha yard sales:

Kitchen Sink, Washer, Cooker – L$1, 1 Prim Gacha Prizes

Kitchen Sink, Laundry Washer, Rice Cooker, ! GachaYa !, Second Life, Free


1 prim gacha prizes for L$1 each from ! GachaYa ! / yuji777 Resident.

Kitchen sink with faucet plus on and off water stream available in 13 colors.

Laundry washing machine with lids that open and close available in 9 colors.

Rice cooker with closed lid, spoon on top, lid off with rice, available in 11 colors plus 3 levels of dirty textures.


Sadly it looks like the ! GachaYa ! shop might be closing soon. I can’t read Japanese, but from the Google translated version of the latest blog post from the shop, things don’t sound good. So hurry if you want any of their awesome 1 prim L$1 goodies!

Here are past blog posts with some of their great creations:


Update: The blog post has been translated (thanks Rekka!) and unfortunately it says the shop will close between September 15th – 30th, 2013. :-(


Update #2: As of September 30th, the store is no longer available and the land has been abandoned. :cry:

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