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Funny Free Voodoo Doll Avatar Controller – Advent Gift

Voodoo Doll Avatar Controller, Abranimations 2013 Advent Calendar, Second Life, Free

Funny free Voodoo Doll avatar controller from Abranimations 2013 Advent Calendar gift. Make your friend or victim animate and pose as you choose. Available until midnight December 2nd, 2013.

Funny Free Happy and Sad AOs

Happy Excited AO, Depression AO, Abranimations, Second Life, Free

Free funny Happy Excited AO and Depression AO plus 10 more male and female AOs from Abranimations available for a limited time. Thanks Ami!

Fun Free Ballet / Ballerina Dancer AO

Ballet / Ballerina Dancer AO, Animation Overider, ANA_Mations, Second Life, Free

Fun free Ballet / Ballerina Dancer AO and seven free female AOs plus many items on sale (not shown) from ANA_Mations store stock retirement sale available until January 1st, 2014. Thanks Ami!

Fun Free Thriller Dances

Thriller Dances, Abranimations, Second Life, Free

Six free Thriller dances available until October 20th, 2013 from Abranimations. They would go well with the free zombie avatars which are nearby in the shop.

Fun Hand Puppets, Guitar, Prank Pillow – Kiyomizu Hunt

Kiyomizu Summer Treasure Hunt Item, Second Life, Free

The Kiyomizu Summer Treasure Hunt runs from June 22nd – July 15th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted ninja cat (pictured left).



Hand Puppets, Acoustic Guitar Prank Pillow, Kiyomizu Summer Treasure Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun wearable hand puppet show typing AO that appears when you type in chat from #Vez# / vezzin Resident.

Acoustic guitar with two playing animations from Namine Guitar.

Funny prank pillow cushion that bounces an avatar around when it is sat on from Kidd’s Factory.

Free Funny Animated Crazy Eye Roll and Crossed Eyes

Crazy Eye Roll, Cross Eyes, Abranimations, Second life, Free

Funny free Crazy Eye Roll animation with moving eyes and Cross Eyes pose from Abranimations. Both are transferable, so you can share them with your friends. ;-)

Fun Free Wearable Sketchpad and Pencil Typing AO

Sketchpad LITE, Phausk Claven, Second Life, Free

Fun free wearable Sketchpad LITE with random pictures (you can also add your own) and pencil with drawing animation that appears when you type from Phausk Claven. Thanks Daizy!

You can find a copy in the Virtual Vagabonds group (free to join, check past notices).

Fun Bowl of Rice with Animations

Bowl of rice with animations, ::maiworks::, Second Life, Free
Fun wearable bowl of rice with chopsticks, seasoning, and great animations plus facial expressions from ::maiworks:: / maiko Zehetbauer for L$5.

Over 30 Free Exercise Animations

Exercise Animations, Thor's Oak, Second Life, Free

Great for New Year’s Resolutions, get your avatar fit and in shape! Over 30 free exercise animations including situps, pushups, jumping jacks, lifting dumbbells, and more from Thor’s Oak. Thanks Naxos!

Full Gangnam Style Song and Dance – Lucky Board

Gangnam Style Full Song and Dance, ZEXYZ, Second Life, Free

Complete Gangnam Style song and dance from ZEXYZ lucky board. Thanks Fritzfranz!

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