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Fun Magician Hat and Wand – Valentine Chocolate SLhunt

Valentine Chocolate SLhunt Object, Second Life, FreeThe AvonWaterSIM Valentine Chocolate SLhunt runs from February 1st – 14th, 2014. Thanks Renge!

Look for a red sculpted chocolate pot (pictured left).

Magic Hat and Wand, *MerBerry*, Valentine Chocolate SLhunt, Second Life, Free

Magic set, a fun wearable Magician hat and wand with tricks, sounds, and animations that are activated when you click on the top hat from *MerBerry*.

At the starting point pick up and wear a HUD that looks like a box of candy. Then visit all five shops on the sim to find each chocolate pot. When you are finished, return to the starting point to select one of the ten available prizes.

Starting point:


Find more information, participating shops, available gifts, and slurls at the AvonWaterSIM Valentine chocolate SLhunt blog post.

Fun Free Mesh Bathrobe, Slippers, Hair Curlers, and Cig

Bathrobe, Slippers, Hair Curlers , *Butterfly Effectz*, Second Life, Free

Fun free BE Lazy Day outfit with mesh pink bathrobe, slippers, hair curlers, and cigarette from *Butterfly Effectz* group gift (free to join). Thanks Fiorella!


Tip: You can also find a copy of the hair curlers that are free and full permissions from the creator June Trenkins.

Fun Free Exterminator Uniform

Exterminator Uniform, Cooperative Extension, Second Life, Free

Fun free exterminator / pest control uniform costume for men and women that includes hard hat, goggles, breathing mask, and backpack bug sprayer with animation and sound from Cooperative Extension / DFox Spitteler. Complete the Avatar Practice Game to receive all of the pieces. Thanks Kero!

Fun Free Ostrich, Rhino Slippers, Animated Fly on Nose

Ostrich, Rhinoceros Slippers, Sculpty, Big Fly on Nose, Animated Critterz, Second Life, Free

Free Ostrich with it’s head in the ground and Rhinoceros Slippers from Sculpty / donnydon Dollinger.

Free wearable animated large Fly on Nose from Animated Critterz / donnydon Dollinger.

Nice Free Mesh Antique Military Hat

Play's Shako Hat, [ContraptioN], Second Life, Free

Free Play’s Shako, a nice mesh steampunk antique military hat from [ContraptioN] group gift (free to join).

Fun Free Mesh Silly Straw Glasses – Advent Gift

Straw Glasses, :::Last Ride:::, Advent Gift, Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh silly Straw Glasses with a drink in three different versions including a mustache and big lips from :::Last Ride::: / Kagemaru McMahon Advent 2013 Calendar gift (click on the box numbered 21). Available until midnight December 21st, 2013.

Fun Grumpy Cat Scarf – Paw Prints in the Snow Hunt

Paw Prints in the Snow Hunt Object, Second Life, Free The Paw Prints in the Snow Hunt runs from December 14th – 31st, 2013.

Look for a sculpted white paw print (pictured left).


Grumpy Meow Scarf, Apricot Paws, Paw Prints in the Snow Hunt, Second Life, Free

Fun Grumpy Meow scarf, a mesh Grumpy Cat fur stole from Apricot Paws.


Find more participating shops, slurls, and hints at the Paw Prints in the Snow Hunt blog.

Free Bunny Rabbit Slippers and Ball Game – Advent Gift

Rabbit Slippers, Ball Game, Abranimations Advent Gift, Second Life, Free

Fun mesh Rabbit Kick About Slippers with 6 color options plus a fun built in kicking the ball game with a beach ball and goal from Abranimations 2013 Advent Calendar gift (click on the box numbered 15). Available until midnight December 15th, 2013

Funny Free Turkey Time Hat with Animation

Turkey Time Hat, Tootsology, Second Life, Free

Funny free Arrgh! Turkey Time Hat, a wearable uncooked turkey on your head with a hilarious animation from Tootsology / Tootsy Foxtrot.

Free Mesh Shopping Bags – Kowloon Tote Bag Festival

Groceries and Food Shoulder Bags, Kowloon Tote Bag Festival, Second Life, Free

Free mesh shoulder bags including some with fun food items such as: bread and pastries that gives out food from Sandar Hax, bottles and cat in a bag that gives out an animated bottle from magnum Yoshikawa, and bag of groceries with vegetables from Sandar Hax, all available at the Kowloon Tote Bag Festival which features 50 free mesh bags with many different styles and designs.

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