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Free Houses, Beer Table, and Fruit Trees

Hama House, Tongari House, Beer Crate Table, Apple and Orange Trees, **UU**, Second Life, Free

Free Japanese Hama House, Tongari House, beer crate table with stools, 2 prim apple and orange trees from **UU**.

Pig Pajamas – Love is in the Air! Event

Pig Pajamas, Intrigue Co., Second Life

Cute Pig Pajamas for L$100 from Intrigue Co. at the at the Love is in the Air! event which runs from February 12th – 25th, 2012. Thanks Katharine!


Update: Now available at the main store!

Free Wearable Cactus Plant – Juicy Crush On You Event

Cactus Plant, W. Winx & Flair, Juicy Crush On You, Second Life, Free

Free cactus plant with a hold pose and color changeable flower pot from W. Winx & Flair at the Juicy Crush On You Event which runs from February 10th – 18th, 2012. Thanks Villemo!

Beautiful Free Mesh Fantasy Avatar – claudia222 Jewell

Mesh Fantasy Avatar, Spirit, claudia222 Jewell, Second Life, Free

Beautiful free mesh fantasy avatar from claudia222 Jewell at the Spirit exhibit on the Art Screamer sim. Click on the flower in the water to get yours. Thanks Naxos!


Spirit Exhibit, claudia222 Jewell, Second Life

It’s a wonderful and creative sim to explore too.

Free Mesh Building and Retro Record Shelf – SGB’s 4th

Mesh House, [mdrm], Record Shelf, ponitee:::, SGB 4TH Anniversary Festa, Second Life, Free

Many gifts are available at the SGB 4th Anniversary Festa which runs from February 10th – 29th, 2012.

Free blue mesh house or shop building from [mdrm].

Free retro vintage record shelf with a plant from ponitee:::

Funny Free Roaming Cheeseburger Pet

Hamburger Pet, Elan, Second Life, Free

Funny free wandering cheeseburger pet which can also attack avatars from Elan / masami Niekerk.

Free Truffle Candy Chairs

Truffle Candy Chairs, ** Hi Calo **, Second Life, Free

Free giant truffle candy chairs from ** Hi Calo **.

Curved Shelf – Shining Star Hunt Gift

Shining Star Hunt Item, Second LifeThe Shining Star Hunt runs from February 1st – 29th, 2012.

Look for a sculpted dollar sign (pictured left).


Mazed Shelf , Sour Pickles, Shining Star Hunt, Second Life

Mazed shelf, a neat curved shelf with bamboo plant and candles from Sour Pickles. Thanks Jullie!
Hint: How tall you are is irrelevant


Find more participating shops and hints on the Shining Star Hunt blog.

Fun Free Piece of Pizza Thrower

Pizza Launcher, [ZEON], Second Life, Free

Fun free Pizza Launcher which throws slices of pizza at anything or anyone, plus a pizza slice mouth attachment, and an open or closed pizza box from [ZEON].

Valentine’s Candy Eyeballs – Tainted Love Hunt Gift

Tainted Love Hunt object, Second LifeThe 3rd Tainted Love Hunt runs from February 1st – 29th, 2012.

Look for a realistic sculpted heart (pictured left).


I Only Have Eyes For You, Weather or Not, Tainted Love Hunt, Second Life

I Only Have Eyes For You, Valentine’s candy¬†eyeballs in a heart box with eating animation from Weather! or not?.


Find more participating shops at the Tainted Love Hunt blog.

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