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Fun Free Ostrich, Rhino Slippers, Animated Fly on Nose

Ostrich, Rhinoceros Slippers, Sculpty, Big Fly on Nose, Animated Critterz, Second Life, Free

Free Ostrich with it’s head in the ground and Rhinoceros Slippers from Sculpty / donnydon Dollinger.

Free wearable animated large Fly on Nose from Animated Critterz / donnydon Dollinger.

Funny Free Wearable Medieval Nose Hair Trimmer

Medieval Nose Hair Trimmer, United InshCon, Second Life, Free

Funny free Medieval Nose Hair Trimmer, a wearable tiny crocodile with animation by United InshCon from the Creators of Fantasy group gift (free to join).

Fun Free Tiny Yeti Avatar

Tiny Yeti Avatar, Martini Discovolante, Second Life, Free

Fun free Tiny Yeti Avatar that comes with a YetiPoo Flinger from Martini Discovolante plus many more gifts for tinies at the Raglan Shire Wootmas tree (look for a sculpted gold acorn). Thanks Ceg!

Funny Flyable Bacon Sandwich Airplane

Bacon Sammach Plane, Muttenchops Chaplin, Second Life, Free

Funny Bacon Sammach Plane, a flyable bacon sandwich airplane with all the yummy goods and a rotating bacon propeller from Muttenchops Chaplin.

You can find a copy in the Virtual Vagabonds group (L$1 to join, check past notices).


This is my third anniversary since starting the blog, and one of my inspirations was the awesome bacon sammach plane blogged by Emerald years ago. I just wanted to share more fun stuff in SL. Thanks to the readers, many more thanks to those of you that comment or contribute here or in the group! You all are wonderful and have brought many smiles! I hope the community of misfits can keep growing. It’s been a fun ride!

Fun Free Wearable Eye Masks with Sleeping Animations

Sleeping Eye Masks, G-HANA, Second Life, Free

Fun free wearable eye masks with 5 sleeping animations from G-HANA / Whitesocks Aya.

Pick up the free wearable toothbrush while you are there too.

Four Funny SL Parody Avatars

Funny Avatars, Fallen Pornstar, Dark Blonde Vampyr, Blingtard Dim-Wit, Pink Barchick, Discrete Builds, Second Life, Free

Four funny SL parody complete avatars: Fallen Pornstar, Dark Blonde Vampyr, Blingtard Dim-Wit, and Pink Barchick for L$1 each that include clothes, shape, skin, hair, AO, and more from Discrete Builds / Dexter Bogdanovich.

Funny Free Wearable Giant Bowl of Soup

Giant Soup Bowl, LaDuke Creber, choose*cafe, Second Life, Free

Funny free La toshikoshi_soba, a wearable giant bowl of noodle soup with animated chopsticks from LaDuke Creber available at choose*cafe.

Funny Free Crab Avatar Costume

Crab Avatar, Club Mermaid, note Eel, Second Life, Free

Funny free Crab Avatar costume with optional bubbles from the head that also gives out crab legs to eat when clicked on from Club Mermaid / note Eel. Thanks Electronic!


For fun and giggles, I’ve added a few old silly “I Pinch” gestures to the Virtual Vagabonds group (L$1 to join, check past notices).

Free Mesh 6-Wheel Drive All-Terrain Vehicle

6 Wheel ATV, Cindy Henusaki Choppers, Second Life, Free

Free mesh 6×6, a 6-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle from Cindy Henusaki Custom Cars.

Mesh Toy Bunny Rabbit Avatar – Lucky Board Prize

Rabbit Avatar, *MerBerry*, Second Life, Free

Mesh stuffed animal Rabbit Avatar available in 15 different colors from *MerBerry* lucky board. Thanks Renge!

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