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Fun Free Wearable The Sims Plumbob Meter

Plumbob, Crystal Humor, MUSCHI, Second Life, Free

Fun free wearable Crystal Humor, a mesh rotating Sims Plumbob health meter with an 8 color change HUD from MUSCHI / DeboraStineSL Resident. Thanks Vedra!

Fun Wearable AFK Bathtub – Lucky Board Prize

AFK Wearable Bathtub, Asami Amaterasu, Second Life, Free

Fun wearable AFK Bathtub with bubbles and optional electronic music when you click on the screen from ChocoBabiChan / Asami Amaterasu lucky board.

Funny Free Wearable Giant Toy Rabbit Avatar Carrier

Wearable Rabbit Stuffed Animal, gyaku-usagi, naho Aya, Second Life, Free

Funny free gyaku-usagi, a wearable giant rabbit stuffed animal toy that carries your avatar around with multiple poses from Kuri*Gohan / Naho’s Funny Shop / naho Aya. Thanks Naxos and Who let the dorks out? plus Rocky for the reminder!

Check out more of their fun unusual gifts and items for sale at another shop location too.

Free Mesh Laundromat Washing Machines

Laundromat Washing Machines, Mad Mesh, Second Life, Free

Free mesh Laundromat Washing Machines with 16 different numbers or letters that are only 1 prim each from Mad Mesh / Domsson Lean that are available for free until January 31st, 2014. Thanks faithless!

Fun Free Wearable Mesh Battlemech Grasshopper

Battlemech Grasshopper, TRAUM, Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh Battlemech Grasshopper, a wearable battle bot with AO from TRAUM / Renn Yifu. Thanks Cicadetta!

Fun Free Mesh Medieval Refrigerator

Medieval Fridge, United InshCon, Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh Medieval Fridge with a spinning fan and an ice block to keep food cool by United InshCon from the Creators of Fantasy group gift (free to join).

Mesh Wood Log Pathway

Llittle Log pathway, Alchemy, Second Life, Free

Little Log pathway, a mesh walkway made of cut wood logs that’s only 1 prim for L$1 from Alchemy / nina Helix.

Wearable Bottles with Drunk AO – Lucky Board Prize

Hood Dranks, Drunk AO, Asami Amaterasu, Second Life, Free

Funny wearable Hood Dranks: Night Train, Colt 45, Purple Passion, and Mad Dog 20/20 bottles of alcohol with drunk AOs from ChocoBabiChan / Asami Amaterasu lucky board.

Fun Free Exterminator Uniform

Exterminator Uniform, Cooperative Extension, Second Life, Free

Fun free exterminator / pest control uniform costume for men and women that includes hard hat, goggles, breathing mask, and backpack bug sprayer with animation and sound from Cooperative Extension / DFox Spitteler. Complete the Avatar Practice Game to receive all of the pieces. Thanks Kero!

Free Wearable AFK Flute with Music

AFK Flute, Charming, Second Life, Free

Free wearable bamboo AFK Flute with music and pose from Charming / ZeroNick Xue group gift (free to join).

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