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Coffee House and Birdhouse – ++HY’s++ 2nd Anniv. Hunt

++HY's++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt Birdhouse Object, Second Life, FreeThe ++HY’s++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt runs from January 28th – February 9th, 2014.

Look for a sculpted birdhouse (pictured left).


Coffee House Building, ++HY's++ 2nd Anniversary Hunt, Second Life, Free

Cottage style Coffee House building with texture changeable awnings, plus the box is a 1 prim mesh birdhouse with a bird (the same as the hunt object) from ++HY’s++ / hitsu Ruby. Thanks Alice!

Funny Free Medieval Vacuum Cleaner

Medieval Vacuum Cleaner Elephant, United InshCon, Second Life, Free

Funny free Medieval Vacuum Cleaner, a baby elephant in a cart with sound and walking animation by United InshCon from the Creators of Fantasy group gift (free to join).

Fun Free Lion Costume for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, Lion Costume, Sandar Hax, Second Life, Free

Fun free lion costume with animation and sound in celebration for Chinese New Year at Kowloon from Sandar Hax.

Sorry! The gift is no longer available.

Free Mesh Antique Table and Raven

Console, Antique Table, Raven, Never Totally Dead..., Second Life, Free

Free Console, a mesh antique side table that’s only one prim plus optional raven bird from Never Totally Dead… group gift (free to join).

Fun Free Mesh Bathrobe, Slippers, Hair Curlers, and Cig

Bathrobe, Slippers, Hair Curlers , *Butterfly Effectz*, Second Life, Free

Fun free BE Lazy Day outfit with mesh pink bathrobe, slippers, hair curlers, and cigarette from *Butterfly Effectz* group gift (free to join). Thanks Fiorella!


Tip: You can also find a copy of the hair curlers that are free and full permissions from the creator June Trenkins.

Reaper Boat, Moose Snowmobile, Caravan – M.F. Hunt

Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI Object, Second Life, FreeThe Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI runs from January 5th – 31st, 2014. Thanks Arrow!

Look for a sculpted owl (pictured left).



Grim Reaper Boat, Gothic's Musing, Moose Snowmobile, AW Creations, Caravan, Gypsy Wolf, Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI, Second Life, Free

Don’t Pay the Ferryman, a boat driven by the Grim Reaper from Gothic’s Musing.
Hint: A fairytale for two

Fantasy Snowmobile, a fun vehicle with a moose head and animated steam engine from AW Creations.
Hint: Follow the sound of the bagpipes

Abandoned Caravan, a wood wagon covered by vines with many sitting poses from Gypsy Wolf.
Hint: The vagabonds travel far and near, but how do you think they get there, my dear?


The hunt ends very soon, so hurry!

Find more available gifts at Ley Zed Ass’ blog post plus participating shops, hints and slurls at the Medieval Fantasy Hunt XI blog

Fun Amusement Park Ride – What the Future Holds Hunt

Oh, What the Future Holds Hunt Object, Second Life, FreeThe Oh, What the Future Holds Hunt runs from December 31st, 2013 – January 31st, 2014.

Look for a flat prim with a picture of a clock face (pictured left).


Chasing Chipmunks, Amusement Park Ride, Kerhops Innovations, Oh, What the Future Holds Hunt, Second Life, Free

Chasing Chipmunks, a fun working amusement park ride with a moving car to sit in, roller coaster sounds, and color changing lights from Kerhops Innovations. Thanks Tim!


Find more participating shops, hints and slurls at the Oh, What the Future Holds Hunt blog post.

Funny Free Mesh Disguise Glasses

Disguise Glasses, [SWaGGa], Second Life, Free

Funny free mesh Groucho Marx Disguise Glasses with big nose, bushy eyebrows, and fuzzy mustache from [SWaGGa] / sh0rtie Resident.

Free Mesh Lion, Lioness, Kitty Cat, and Puppy Dog

Lion, Lioness, Orange Cat, Puppy Dog, Small town Green, Second Life, Free

Fun free mesh animals from (no longer available).
Lion and lioness: (link removed)
Orange striped cat that’s only 1 prim: (link removed)
Brown and white puppy dog that’s only 1 prim: (link removed)

It’s also a lovely sim to wander around and explore too!


Update: I have been notified that the animals are ripped from a game.  :-x

Sorry everyone!

Fun Free Wearable Animated Little Lamb Pet Follower

Little Lamb, ~*Sweet Revolutions*~, Second Life, Free

Free wearable animated little lamb with sounds follows you around from ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ Customer group gift (free to join) available until January 30th, 2014. Thanks Lizzie!

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