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Fun Mesh Mushroom Man Avatar – Final Fantasy Festival

Mushroom Man Avatar, //Monster Slayer//, Final Fantasy Festival 7, Second Life

Fun mesh Mushroom Man Avatar on sale for L$100 from //Monster Slayer// / Darshe Aliev at the Final Fantasy Festival 7 event which runs from February 1st – 21st, 2014.


I’ve found it’s really fun to wear with the free Happy AO from Abranimations.

Fun Mesh Tiny Polar Bear Avatar – Beetlebones Gacha

Polar Bear Avatar, Beetlebones, Gacha, Second Life

Fun mesh tiny Polar Bear Avatar with a cute AO available in 4 colors plus other avatars and pets from the Beetlebones Arctic Friends gacha machines for L$50 each.

Mesh Chipper Chipmunk Avatar – Auxiliary Arcade Gacha

Chipper Chipmunk Avatar, Auxiliary, Arcade Gacha, Second Life

Fun mesh Chipper Chipmunk Avatar available in 12 colors from Auxiliary for L$50 each at the Arcade Gacha Event which runs from December 1st – 31st, 2013.

Sugar Plump Fairy Tiny Avatars – Tama Havendale Gacha

Sugar Plump Fairy Hippo Avatar, Tama Gacha, Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair, Second Life

Fun mesh Sugar Plump Fairy avatars, tiny animal avatars with wings, dress, whipped cream with a star hat, plus an AO. Available in 5 different animals (dalmation dog, elephant, hippo, pig, rhinoceros) and 5 colored costumes for a total of 25 different versions from Tama / Eleanora Newell for L$50 each at the Havendale Village Holiday Sweets & Treats Fair which runs from December 1st – 31st, 2013. Thanks Niki and Alina!

It’s fun to use the free ballerina AO and rainbow magic wand with the AVs too!

Fun Mesh Pug Dog Avatar – Culprit Arcade Gacha

Pug Dog Avatar, Culprit, Arcade Gacha, Second Life

Fun mesh PugsLife Pug Dog Avatar available in 21 versions from Culprit for L$50 each at the Arcade Gacha Event which runs from December 1st – 31st, 2013. Thanks Luly!

Fun Vintage Wind-up Tin Toy Duck on a Bike Avatar

Tin Toy Duck on a Bike Avatar, Osprey Therian, Second Life

Fun vintage Wind-up Tin Toy Duck on a Bike Avatar with spinning propeller and key plus animated legs for L$100 from Osprey Therian.

Fun Cuddley Soft Toilet Paper, -RC- Cluster is Open Again!

Cuddley Soft Toilet Paper, -RC- Cluster, Second Life

Funny wearable Cuddley Soft Toilet Paper with animation for L$25, available for one week from -RC- Cluster.


-RC- Cluster has new a shop!


There is a small store with classic items from one of my all time favorite SL creators: -RC- Cluster. They make so much fun stuff! The shop inventory will rotate each week or month from items that have already been created.


I’m so happy to see the stuff available again! I fell in love with their fun creations when I was a noob, and I was saddened when they had to close their sim and stores over the years. The wearable toilet paper is probably one of the first things I ever bought with my lindens from camping (so it took a looong time to get L$25, but I just had to have it because it was so silly!). I’m elated that the items are available again! I hope you will enjoy them too!

Giant Wearable Food, Fun Launchers – Closing Sale

Giant Donut, Toast, and Teacup, Fish and LOL Cat Launchers, Fire GOOD!!!, Second Life

Sadly one of my long time favorite shops Fire GOOD!!! / Ariel Wingtips is closing their store. :( They sell lots of fun attachments, silly launchers/guns, and other great stuff. Almost everything is on sale for L$25 and available until the sim is sold sometime in October. Thanks Marfita!

Pictured are some of the funny things you can buy: Giant wearable donut, buttered toast, and teacup vehicles that shoot food items, plus fish and LOL cat launchers with whimsical bullets.


Update: The inworld store is no longer available, but you can still buy some of the items on Marketplace.

Wearable Hovercar – Conspiracy Theory Arcade Gacha

Hovercar, Conspiracy Theory, Arcade Gacha, Second Life

Fun wearable mesh Hovercar that reminds me of the Jetsons is available in 8 different colors for L$25 each from Conspiracy Theory at The Arcade Gacha Event which runs from September 1st – 30th, 2013.


Find more participating shops and gacha prizes at The Arcade Shopping Guide.


If you have bad luck like I do and would like a specific color, I would recommend visiting yard sales. Here is a good list of gacha yard sales:

Fun Wearable Rocket Shoe Car

Rocket Shoe Car, Altya's Dream Creations, Second Life

Fun wearable Rocket Shoe Car, a giant tennis shoe with jet flames, blinking eyes for headlights, smoke, working horn, and more, on sale for L$60 (usually L$340) until September 27th, 2013 from Altya’s Dream Creations.

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