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Funny Free Can of NSA Spy Spray

NSA Spy Spray, Blackburns, Second Life, Free

Funny free NSA Spy Spray Virtual Precision Cleaner, a can of bug spray to rez or wear with pose and particles from Blackburns / Vlad Blackburn.

Four Funny SL Parody Avatars

Funny Avatars, Fallen Pornstar, Dark Blonde Vampyr, Blingtard Dim-Wit, Pink Barchick, Discrete Builds, Second Life, Free

Four funny SL parody complete avatars: Fallen Pornstar, Dark Blonde Vampyr, Blingtard Dim-Wit, and Pink Barchick for L$1 each that include clothes, shape, skin, hair, AO, and more from Discrete Builds / Dexter Bogdanovich.

Happy 6th Rezday to Me…

6th Rezday, Second Life, Free

It’s my 6th Rezday (or 2,192 days of logging in to SL 8-O ), plus almost 3 years of updating this blog every day.

It has been a fun ride and adventure!

Many thanks to all of the creators for the great and awesome items made plus all of the smiles and laughs! :D

Thanks to all of the blog readers and the VV group members (I never expected an audience!). :oops:

Here’s to many more for as long as the fun lasts! 8-)


Good Times Roll – The Cars


Extra thanks to NPIRL that got me intrigued with SL when I was a noob, and to Naxos, an awesome friend that kept me interested in this world by sharing gifts and adventures. I don’t know if I’d still be around without them. :-)


Free ancient SL default female avatar plus many more available in your library or at the Meltingdots Freebie Store.

Party Hat available in your inventory library.

Wearable Old Timer Mobile by Salsa! (sadly no longer available).

Second Life Rez Day Cake from Shopkeeper Linden.


Update: Many thanks to everyone for the greetings and well wishing comments here and everywhere else!
I really appreciate all of them and they truly mean a lot to me.
Here’s a pic of me in style and dancing the night away ;)

Whack-A-Noob, Fortune Teller, Tightrope – Twisted Hunt

The Twisted Hunt, Fall 2013, Carnival Item, Second Life, Free

The Twisted Hunt Fall 2013 Carnival, runs from September 1st – 30th, 2013.

Look for a sculpted red and white striped cube (pictured left).



Whack-A-Noob, Weather! or not?, Fortune Teller Tent, [noctis], Tightrope, Souzou Eien, Twisted Hunt Fall 2013, Second Life, Free

Awesome mesh Whack-A-Noob game with hilarious text chat from <!WorN?> / Weather! or not?

Great Fortune Teller tent with many decor accessories and animations from [noctis].

Fun Tightrope with six poses (also includes a petite version) from ~*Souzou Eien*~.


Find more participating shops and slurls at the Twisted Hunt blog and more gifts in the Twisted Hunt flickr group.

Free Complete Barbie Doll Avatar

Complete Barbie Avatar, Mason Wylie, Second Life, Free

Free Complete Barbie Avatar and a display box with pose (plus items not shown: brown and black hair, Cinderella dress, and formal display box) from Mason Wylie and Azlyn Slade. Thanks Naxos!


Update: The original location is now empty, here is another place to find it:

Fun Free Flyable Paper Airplane and Flat Rodvik Cutout

Paper Airplane, Velocity Aeronautics, Flat Rodvik, Strawberry Singh, Second Life, Free

Fun free flyable Paper Airplane from Velocity Aeronautics.

Free Flat Rodvik Linden cutout from Strawberry Singh.


This is for Strawberry’s Flat Rodvik Linden Meme, and since Flat Rodvik was wearing goggles and a cap, I thought he might enjoy an airplane ride. :)

Read the blog post and comments for other fun photos taken with Flat Rodvik. Thanks for the fun idea Strawberry! 

Free Funny Script Error Thrower

Script Error Thrower, Gene Replacement, Second Life, Free

Funny free Script Error Thrower from Gene Replacement. Great joke for script problems in SL ;). Thanks Daewonsong!

You can find a copy in the Virtual Vagabonds group (free to join, check past notices).

Free Anti-Lag Pills

Anti-Lag Pills, F.E. Energy Consumer Products, Second Life, Free

Free Anti-Lag Pills with fast acting relief from F.E. Energy, Consumer Products. Thanks Fritzfranz!

Side effects may include: Trouble walking, grayed or blurry vision, failure to rez, visions of Ruth, and/or problems communicating.
Please see your prim physician if symptoms do not improve within 8-12 weeks.

Free Holy Waffle of Rosedale Replica

Holy Waffle of Rosedale, 4 Kittens of the Apocalypse, Second Life, Free

Free Holy Waffle of Rosedale Replica with a certificate of authenticity from the Waffle Tree at 4 Kittens of the Apocalypse. Thanks Marfita!

Artwashers, a Fun Machinima About SL Art

The Artwashers machinima takes a look at the “behind the scenes” work of SL art shows from 2sense Productions. Thanks Naxos!

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