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Fun Free Wearable Stick to Sit On

Wearable Sitting Stick, PINK SHORT*, Second Life, Free

Fun free wearable tree branch to sit on with pose from PINK SHORT* / Yk Tachikawa.

Fun Free Cartoon Toy Gun with a BANG Flag

Bang Toy Gun, Blot Brickworks, Second Life, Free

Funny free cartoon toy gun with a BANG flag from Blot Brickworks (click on the food truck to get one). 

Fun Free Wearable Group of Pandas to Ride Around On

Wearable Panda Master, *VOONER*, Second Life, Free

Fun free Panda Master, a wearable group of panda bears with animated legs to ride around on from *VOONER*.

Free Mesh Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar, Ydea, Second Life, Free

Free mesh acoustic guitar that’s only 1 prim and great for decoration, it also comes with an animation when worn from Ydea group gift (free to join). Thanks Virus!

Funny Free Can of NSA Spy Spray

NSA Spy Spray, Blackburns, Second Life, Free

Funny free NSA Spy Spray Virtual Precision Cleaner, a can of bug spray to rez or wear with pose and particles from Blackburns / Vlad Blackburn.

Free Wearable Floating Giant Donuts in Three Flavors

Floating Doughnuts, Qurarisu, Second Life, Free

Free wearable floating giant doughnuts with many animations in chocolate, custard, and strawberry from Qurarisu Resident at the Meltingdots Freebie Store.

Fun Free Flyable Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon, Michie Marine, Second Life, Free

Fun free flyable hot air balloon vehicle with burners that light up the balloon when it flys and room for four passengers plus changeable balloon textures from Michie Marine / Michie Yokosuka. Thanks Frifra!

Free Mesh Route 66 Road Sign

Route 66 Road Sign, Seven Emporium, Second Life, Free

Free mesh sculpted Route 66 road sign that’s only one prim from Seven Emporium group gift (free to join).


This is a “new to me” shop full of great vintage low prim mesh items that are reasonably priced. I’d highly recommend checking it out!

Funny Free Mesh MadPea Shooter Gun

MadPea Shooter, Arduenn Schwartzman, Second Life, Free

Funny free mesh MadPea Shooter gun from¬†Arduenn Schwartzman at the Mieville Midway “Tell-Tale Heart” Gacha Event. Click on the box to get one.

Fun Free Mesh Red Demon with Cupid Costume

Cupid Red Demon, Kobold Studios, Second Life, Free

Fun free Kobo_Kupid, a small red demon wearing a stick bow, heart arrow, and cardboard wings that’s only 1 prim from Kobold Studios / Sarge72 Resident group gift (free to join).

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